Avielle Janelle Hernandez: Aaron Hernandez’s Daughter Facts

Avielle Janelle Hernandez is the late American footballer Aaron Josep Hernandez’s daughter. Her father’s popularity helped her rise to prominence.

Avielle, like any other celebrity child, attracts media attention and so becomes a recurring topic of conversation.

Personal Information and Background

She will be nine years old in 2021. She was born in the United States on November 6, 2012, in Bristol, Connecticut. Her parents are Aaron Josep Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins. At the time of writing, she stood around 3ft 2 inches tall and weighed 25 kilos. She graduated from kindergarten and is now a student at Chery’s School of Dance.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

Her mother’s current relationship has given her a younger sibling named Giselle Guilmette. Avielle Janella Hernandez enjoys dancing and wants to make a profession out of it.

She, like her sister, does not have any social media profiles. Their mother has chosen to keep her children’s lives private.

Parents of Avielle Jenelle Hernandez

Aaron Hernandez and Shayanna Jenkins have a daughter named Avielle. Her parents never married, but they were engaged at the time and had Avielle, their only child.

Aaron was a good and accomplished football player who was a member of the New England Patriots. In the year 2013, he was arrested for the murder of Odin Lloyd. They enjoyed a lovely life together till Aaron was wrongfully convicted of murder.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

He was convicted guilty of killing Odin Lloyd in 2015 and was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of release. In 2017, he committed suicide and was discovered dead in his cell. His life was tragic and ended in an unexpected way. However, his daughter was too little at the time to understand what was going on with her father.

Avielle and her father both had birthdays on the same day. Aaron’s then-girlfriend gave him a priceless present when he had his daughter on his 23rd birthday. D.J. Hernandez, Aaron’s brother, sent him a tweet congratulating him and including a photo of Aaron cradling his newborn daughter.

Hernandez, Avielle Janelle Aaron Hernandez’s father

In the United States, Aaron Hernandez was a gifted and competent football player. He was born in the city of Bristol, in the state of Tennessee, in the United States. Aaron served on his squad from 2007 until 2013, when he was dismissed due to the Odin Llyod murder investigation. As a member of the new New England Patriots, he plays three seasons in the National Football League.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

Hernandez, Avielle Janella Estimated Net Worth

The 9-year-old child, according to reliable sources, has a net worth of around $2 million, which she splits with her mother. In 2017, it was discovered that her father had established the AJH Irrevocable Trust.

The trust has yet to be named a beneficiary, although rumors claim it was set up for his daughter Avielle.

Avielle Janella Hernandez’s life

Her mother, Shayanna, ensured that she had a happy upbringing even after the death of her father, Aaron Hernandez. Dino Guilmette is her husband, and they have a child together. Giselle and Avielle are sisters as well as great friends.

Avielle attends school and is now in third grade. Her mother frequently published her dancing videos on her social media accounts since she is a devoted dancer. You may witness her dancing moves on her mother’s Instagram page if you want to see how good she is.

Aaron had left two letters for his daughter, one for his fiancé, and one for his son-in-law after his death.

Suicide by Aaron Hernandez During the Execution of a Life Sentence

Aaron Hernandez committed suicide at the age of 27 while receiving a life sentence in prison. According to experts, they were able to locate three notes, but none of them were long enough. No message could explain the disparity between the life he had strangely chosen and the life he may have led.

We may never know why Hernandez committed himself, but I believe the following: in the end, he wanted to be the person he used to be, but he recognized he couldn’t do so in the present.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

Hernandez abandons his girlfriend, his life partner, his sister, and his mother, and a question that might cause them all to suffer: Why? This isn’t only about the excruciating question of why Hernandez in his detention cell balanced himself on a bedsheet. Why would he say he was there in the first place?

Hernandez was found guilty of one homicide. Investigators believe he submitted three or more. Some of his close friends and family members are wondering if he submitted any. The rationale, on the other hand, was something no one could ever fully comprehend.

Aaron Hernandez is a well-known figure in the A deal has been reached with the New England Patriots.

The $3.25 million deferred signing bonus money, as well as a basic salary of $1.323 million and $1.137 million, were not paid to his family by the New England Patriots. They also refused to pay him the $82,000 training bonus he had received just before his detention.

Avielle Janelle Hernandez

His death in 2017 elicited a range of legal responses. The player’s conviction was overturned by a judge the next year, claiming abatement at first, a common-law legal philosophy framework that stretches back to English law. The judgment stipulates that if the defendant dies during the petition, the judge’s convictions should be vacated.

Following that decision, several legal experts predicted that Aaron Hernandez’s son would bring a lawsuit against the Patriots, and hence the NFL, for terminating Aaron’s contract after he was accused. However, a new piece from the Bean Town Globe casts serious doubt on the suit’s effectiveness.

Is it true that the NFL paid Avielle Janelle Hernandez?

Her late father’s club did not compensate Avielle Janelle Hernandez. The Massachusetts Supreme Judiciary Court upheld her father’s homicide case in a consistent decision.

The Supreme Judicial Court assumed that the criterion is outdated and out of step with modern living circumstances. The court then requested that Aaron’s conviction be upheld, as well as that the rally is canceled due to anticipated indictments.


Her father was due to collect the remaining money from his club, the Patriots, after his death, which included millions in signing bonuses as well as basic pay. Following his death,

Avielle, his daughter, was preparing to bring a $20 million lawsuit against the NFL. However, because the NFL concussion settlement deadline had gone, the court refused to allow her to launch the complaint.

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