Bojangles New Chicken Sandwich add to the Menu


CHARLOTTE, North Carolina — With the Bo’s Chicken Sandwich, Bojangles is the latest quick-service restaurant to introduce a chicken sandwich to its menu.

It includes a buttermilk-coated chicken breast with seasonings, as well as spicy mayonnaise and dill pickles. The product will be sold at stores all around the country.

“Who better to give fans a chicken sandwich that is sure to delight than Bojangles,” said Marshall Scarborough, chef and vice president of the menu and culinary innovation for Bojangles. “And we can confidently state that Bo’s Chicken Sandwich is so cluckin’ excellent that you know it’s only Bojangles.”

At selected establishments, the Bo’s Chicken Sandwich will cost $3.99. Bojangles’ was established in 1988 and now boasts over 760 sites throughout 14 states.

The franchise was purchased for roughly $600 million by private equity companies Durational Capital Management LP and The Jordan Co. in late 2018.

Following the chicken sandwich conflicts between Popeyes and Chick-fil-A, which began in 2019, chicken sandwiches have maintained their appeal in the foodservice industry.

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