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Drew Pritchard is most known for the Quest TV program “Salvage Hunters.” He is a renowned antique trader who has the capacity to recognise antiquities that, to others, appear to be beyond their prime but which he transforms into a source of income.

Drew’s father was always fixing vehicles and motorcycles and kept spare parts and repair kits around. His family had a passion for restoring antiques. When he was 15 years old, Drew bought his first automobile, and he hasn’t stopped since.

His career in the antique industry began in 1993, but before that, he worked as a stained glass restorer, designer, and conservator. He claimed that when it comes to antiques, education or background are irrelevant; everything is decided on merit. He claims that he is always learning and that he adores his job and can’t fathom doing anything else.

Drew enjoys driving his vehicles and motorcycles as well as fixing and selling them, which is only one aspect of his interest in them. Drew admitted that he would have become a racing driver if he hadn’t been so successful as an antique trader and restorer and that he had an international racing licence.

In addition to selling furniture, paintings, and other trinkets, he has a talent for finding great vehicles or motorcycles. He not only dealt in antiquities but also had his 1958 highlighted in Octane magazine.

He founded DP Classics in 1987 as a result of his love of vehicles and motorcycles, and he currently operates the company with Clive Holland, whose keen eye for detail, enthusiasm, and expertise made him the ideal business partner. Drew is now preoccupied with restoring a variety of vehicles, including a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle with a sunroof, a 1967 Porsche 911, and Vespas.

Even in the tale of how he launched his company, his talent for identifying a diamond in the rough is clear. Drew found several stained glass windows by William Morris, purchased and restored them, and earned a profit of £108,000, allowing him to launch his own company.

Drew Pritchard

Salvage Hunters, Drew’s television series, has had 14 seasons since its 2011 launch. The program is still on, and Drew is now in charge.

Salvage Hunters follows Drew as he shops for antiques at fairs, manors, and other locations; they watch as he haggles with sellers over prices; they watch as he returns to his office in Conwy with his purchase to show it to his team; they also watch as the antiques are restored; they are photographed, and they get a quick look at the sale and the money that was made.

Additionally, Drew Pritchard has amassed wealth by selling items that others might deem useless since they are not in perfect shape. He receives a sizable salary as the star of “Salvage Hunters,” in addition to income from DP Classics and his antique store. Drew Pritchard’s net worth, which is currently believed to be $8 million, has improved as a result of all of them.

Drew Pritchard Age

Born in Conwy, Wales, in 1970. His age is 49 as of the year 2020.

Wife of Drew Pritchard

Despite having amassed a fortune, he has had bad luck in his personal life. In 2017, he and his wife, Rebecca Pritchard, were divorced. Drew Pritchard’s first wife is named Rebecca. Viewers of Salvage Hunter are aware that Rebecca and Drew are business partners; despite their divorce, they remained friends and continue to collaborate. There are rumors that the couple has kids together.

Divorce of Drew Pritchard

There are several rumors that Drew Pritchard and his wife are no longer together. Although the precise cause of the divorce is unknown, it is suggested on a number of wiki websites that Drew’s extramarital affairs may have contributed to the couple’s breakup. The husband of the woman Drew was having an affair with assaulted Drew in a bar. Mr. Janus Thomas, the man who attacked Drew, was sentenced to a £1,440 fine and was also barred from the bar.

Drew Pritchard was first suspended or placed on “Pubwatch,” but is currently off-limits indefinitely. Additionally, he listed his 20-year residence for sale. Drew also restored the house, which was a church from the 18th century. On this 13-acre property, there is a vacation home, three stables, and a sizable pond.

Anyone may purchase this home, which features stained glass windows, a Roman wine cooler, a neon “curry” sign, Mick Jagger’s former toilet, and more, for £795,000. Regardless of whether you like Drew Pritchard or not, he has succeeded in the antique business.

Drew asserts that no one can expect to thrive in an antique company with any level of education; rather, he advises those who wish to do so to study, travel to fairs, museums, and auctions, and speak with others who deal in antiques and read even more.

It is important to realise that just when something is dirty, unattractive, or in poor condition, it still has worth. Since Drew strongly believes in “quality,” he upholds it in his collection as well. He always purchases items that are special, intriguing, steeped in history, or just plain entertaining, rather than those that are popular or trendy.

Additionally, he does not hesitate to barter since he thinks that any amount of money saved is beneficial to his firm. He also never gets attached to any antiques he has acquired over the years since he knows he could have to sell them if the perfect opportunity presents itself. Additionally, he claims that every member of his family receives antiques for Christmas.


Despite having many personal issues, his eye for fine and unusual antiques is as sharp as ever. His program has been fairly popular with audiences both in the UK and overseas because of his passion, intuition, and a keen eye for discovering gems in the rough. For a brief time, Salvage Hunters was also accessible on Netflix.

Drew Pritchard has essentially shown the world via his dealings in antiques, automobiles, and motorcycles that one man’s garbage may truly be another man’s treasure.

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