Entrepreneur Ari Stiegler Phonetag Resolves An Age-Old Conundrum

The FDA’s decision last week to give Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine emergency approval has sparked a surge of joy, with millions of Americans hoping that their lives would return to normal in 2021. After months of varying degrees of quarantine, many people are encouraged by the idea of returning to social circumstances, such as work meetings and birthday celebrations.

PhoneTag Makes Its Debut

Ari Stiegler, a venture capitalist, and entrepreneur, has co-founded a new firm with Noah Friedman to expedite the way we develop connections and strengthen relationships as similar scenarios resurface.

This Monday, Stiegler and his business partner Noah Friedman announced the launch of PhoneTag, a new technological hardware company that employs NFC technology to allow users to share contact information in a frictionless manner.

PhoneTag is a little chip with an NFC transmitter that consumers attach to the back of their mobile devices, according to Stiegler. Users just touch their phones together to exchange a plethora of data, including phone numbers, email addresses, social network accounts, and even Snapchat identities, when they meet someone new and wants to share their contact information.

“Over the previous three decades, mobile technology has grown at a rapid pace, but the method people communicate information—asking new connections to jot down their numbers or temporarily switching phones to manually add new contacts—has not altered since the 1990s,” Stiegler said. “With a vaccine on the way and personal and professional social gatherings resuming, people need an integrated approach to communicate information and get started with new relationships.”

What Is PhoneTag and How Does It Work?

PhoneTag, according to Stiegler, has a variety of security mechanisms built in to guarantee that users only share the information they desire to share. The NFC tag is controlled by an app, which is accessible on the App Store and Google Play, and allows users to choose which social network accounts to share before tapping another person’s device.

NFC, or near-field communication, technology is used by PhoneTag to communicate electronic data between devices at relatively close ranges. According to Stiegler, NFC is most often employed in Apple and Google Pay.

“My colleague Noah and I saw firsthand how this technology has significantly altered and modernised transactions,” Stiegler added. “We thought the same technique might be used to the trade of information, our modern world’s money.”

Stiegler has spent most of his career at the forefront of technical and social innovation. Stiegler built his name as a prolific entrepreneur as a student at the University of Southern California, when he created the Lyft Ambassador program. Stiegler’s concept is credited with bringing hundreds of thousands of additional users to the ridesharing platform and launching a formidable, but still fledgling, sector.

Since then, Stiegler has launched a variety of companies aiming at bringing cutting-edge technology and business strategies into the mainstream. Another Stiegler endeavor, TutorMe, employs a comprehensive online platform to link college students with competent instructors in a variety of fields nearly quickly. Stiegler’s most recent projects have focused on enhancing green energy storage capacities, which will aid in making green energy transitions more efficient and cost-effective.


“We think PhoneTag, like previous startups, leverages technology to deliver an innovative solution that increases connections and networking,” said Stiegler. “As life returns to normal after a difficult year, I am convinced that PhoneTag will assist in fulfilling this requirement and encouraging Americans to form new, enduring relationships.”

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