High Rise Invasion Characters- The Truth Is Out There

Do you remember seeing the movie “High Rise“? If you have, you are aware that it has a number of really eccentric characters. But you might be surprised to learn that many of those characters were based on real individuals.

We’ll examine some of the real-life High Rise Invasion characters in more detail in this blog article. We’ll look into their past to see what motivated them to act the way they did. So, if you’re interested in learning more about these individuals, stay reading!

A high-rise invasion occurs when hostile forces seize control of high-rise structures, usually for terrorist purposes. Since high-rises are regarded to be a tough target, such instances are uncommon.

Invaders from high-height buildings are an issue that has long plagued Japan, according to the manga high rise invasion.

On December 9, 1990, members of the Japanese Red Army attacked the Shinjuku Mitsui Building in Tokyo, Japan, carrying guns and knives with the intention of murdering as many people as they could. This incident is one of these remarkable rises.

This manga is a high-rise invasion that depicts a real-life Japanese catastrophe.

The high-rise was built with the goal of bringing all socioeconomic classes together under one roof, but this well-intentioned scheme backfires as it turns into a battleground for humanity’s survival!

This essay will focus on the high-rise buildings and the residents who battle to survive in an unfriendly environment.

You may discover more about the characters‘ experiences without having to look them up online thanks to this article’s explanation of the day’s events and their identities!

List of High Rise Invasion Characters

High Rise Invasion Characters

  • Ain
  • Azuma
  • Baseball Mask
  • Black Suit Woman
  • Chef Mask
  • China Mask
  • Claw Mask
  • Dealer Mask
  • Doctor Mask
  • Falcon
  • Great Angel
  • Gyaru Mask
  • Haruka
  • Hayami
  • Idol Masks
  • Jamadhar Mask
  • Judo Mask
  • Juo
  • Kawamura
  • Kazuma Aohara
  • Kijima
  • Kohei Yamanami
  • Kuon Shinzaki
  • Kyouko Oribe
  • Maid Mask
  • Mamoru Aikawa
  • Matsumoto
  • Mayuko Nise
  • Megumi Saito
  • Miko Mask
  • Military Shovel Mask
  • Mizushita
  • Monk Mask
  • Nakazaki
  • Nanami
  • Nishiura
  • Nomura
  • Okada
  • Rider Mask
  • Rika Honjo
  • Rikuya Yoshida
  • Senya Matsuda
  • Shika Hayami
  • Shinji Okihara
  • Shouji
  • Sniper Mask
  • Student Mask
  • Swimmer Mask
  • The Administrator
  • The President
  • The Supervisor
  • Tsukino
  • Uzuki Kusakabe
  • White Feather Mask
  • Wrestler Mask
  • Yayoi Kusakabe
  • Yoshito Mochizuki
  • Yukio Tanabe
  • Yuri Honjo



When you watch High-Rise Invasion, who is God?

After a brutal battle for their life, Mamoru Aikawa and Kuon Shizaki become candidates for God in the season one finale. Yuri is still looking for her brother’s remains, but she can also count on companionship and help from the Earth realm.

Who are the female characters in High-Rise Invasion called?

Yuri Honjo is played by Haruka Shiraishi.

Mayuko Nise is Shiki Aoki.

As Kuon Shinzaki, Akira Sekine.

As Rika Honjo, Junya Enoki.

Sniper Mask is Yuichiro Umehara.

Who is Rika’s sniper mask?

Rika is a young, talented sniper who is just getting started. Sharpshooter Rika’s younger brother trains constantly in the hopes of one day succeeding his big brother as the best shooter with the deadliest precision!

Is a Yuri High-Rise Invasion?

Yuri Honjo, the main character of High-Rise Invasion, is featured on the book’s cover. Tsuina Miura wrote the manga, while Takahiro Oba’s art style was used to depict it. It centres on a group of residents of an abandoned high-rise building who labour as contractors to restore the structure to its heyday before the disaster, when no one could afford to live due to the growing cost of living in all of Japan.

The emergence of a trio of young males, Daichi Manabe (36), Ryo Mashiba (28), and Hideki Niwasaki, is a result of population expansion.

Has the High-Rise Invasion come to a close?

The High-Rise Invasion manga was created by Miura and Oba to demonstrate the increasing popularity of manga. After six years, the brief series came to an end. This proves how much we like reading comics!

What is the High-Rise Invasion character with the most strength?

One of the most influential characters in the programme is Aikawa. He’s set on becoming God. Aikawa is likewise trying to make a world where only the most powerful people live. It’s the ideal spot for Aikawa!

When she invaded the high rise, did Mayuko resemble Yuri?

Even though Mayuko and her lover have only recently started communicating, she already adores him.

One of Yuri’s high school classmates remarked, “Yuri always knew he wanted to be loved by someone who would give him all their attention and care. She happened to be there for me at the exact moment I needed her.

How does High Rise Invasion proceed?

Mayuko is totally fixated with Yuri. She sees her lover’s killer, who is revealed to be none other than her, in the middle of a massive structure. Now, Mayu must either face an army of strangers who are unsure of their identities or plunge to the ocean’s floor, but only if there is enough time.

After being spotted by someone on the high-floor windowsills during fight, a girl named “Yuri” finds herself trapped between two separate universes. The first category consists of those who are immediately and unhesitatingly killing others around them. However, there are a lot more towers in front of them, there is only one way out, and fighting back might be difficult quickly because the so-called ‘defenders’ attack everyone who comes close to them without even hesitating.

Who or what is High-Rise Invasion’s main foe?

Mamoru Aikawa reached The Administrative City, his target, after a protracted and exhausting journey. He would show, as he had several times in the past against their creator, Rika Honjo, that the requirements of fidelity to one deity were not worthwhile. Sniper Mask and Rika square up in combat for violating Organ’s guidelines

Does High-Rise Invasion have any romantic moments?

Three unique series, each following a particular group that contributed to the resolution of the greater narrative, are used in High-Rise Invasion to explore the mystery of what happened to your favourite character. Only one illustration of the eccentric and varied High Rise Invasion aesthetic may be found in Mayuko’s preoccupation with razor-sharp objects.

During the High-Rise Invasion, who died?

Mamoru encased The Great Angel as a mask in order to exert mental control over him. The angel’s abilities may harm his companions and even kill Kazuma Aohara, who has been able to absorb part of the angel’s abilities in order to prevent total destruction (with no more life left).

Is Maya a fan of Yuri?

The central figure of Anata Konomi is Maya. No, Ni Naritai.

She has an open heart for people, is perverse, and is intelligent.

She may be too young to be in love with someone who didn’t even attend an institution or have anything to say about them that is different from where they are at, according to many people, but –

Although it appears like everyone can see these sentiments scrawled across the other, I’m not sure what’s more crucial for the two parties than just enjoying one another!

During the freshman year, Maya meets a girl by the name of Nozomi outside of class, and they start talking. The chat starts off as a friendly get-together between friends but quickly turns into something more meaningful.

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