How to Build a Bed Frame in 6 Easy Steps

Now that you’ve made up your mind to get a new mattress, you also want a new bed frame. So what are the following actions? You must first choose whether you will assemble it yourself, have it delivered, or use Melbourne furniture assembly services. There is no “correct” method to make a decision; each alternative has merit, and only you can choose which one best suits your personality.

Calculate the required number of posts and slats.

Two posts that can hold four slats each are required, in addition to the two extra posts needed to hold up the headboard and footboard. Make sure to leave 6 inches between each post to allow for the slats’ ability to expand and contract in response to temperature changes.

Heads here

Your bed should have the foot end on a strong wooden platform or box and the head on the floor. When the legs are added, the head must be positioned high enough to prevent tipping. By doing so, you can prevent the legs from swaying and guarantee that your headboard is level with the floor.

affix the legs.

Screws should be inserted into the holes in the bed frame and the holes in the legs to secure one leg to each side of the bed frame. Use screws that are compatible with your screwdriver to prevent them from quickly stripping out. With each leg, repeat the previous step. Place one leg against the wall after removing it from the platform (or another solid structure). In order to prevent it from falling over and hitting you while you’re sleeping, place it so that it doesn’t dangle over the side of your bed frame.

Until all four legs are attached to your bed frame, attach one leg at a time. Ensure that they are appropriately spaced out across from one another in between the legs on either side of your bed frame (often 12 inches apart) (usually 18 inches apart).

the headboard to the wall

To account for the headboard height and footboard, measure the length and breadth of your bed frame and add 1 inch to each dimension.

Use a pencil or ruler to mark the centre of one of the bed frame’s sides. Do the same thing to the other side of the bed frame. Using bolts and washers on either end of a piece of wood (the top or bottom), the headboard is fastened by screwing them into position through holes in the headboard that you have previously constructed. To ensure a correct angle when they are screwed together, place your headboard planks at an angle to your bed frame.

Set the stiles and rails in place.

Each rail’s end should be positioned so that it is in line with the matching notch on a stile. Make sure you’re positioning them correctly! It’s OK to utilise just one rail from each side if you don’t have any more rails. Each crossbar should be placed at a rail and pushed into position along its length until it locks in place. Draw a line connecting these two markings with a straightedge to give your frame a straight edge on both sides. To provide an extra layer of protection in case you need to subsequently remove stuff, draw a second line over the first one.


Install the mattress and bedding

The method of putting together a bed frame is easy and uncomplicated. The headboard, which sits on top of the footboard, is chosen first. The mattress should now be surrounded by slats to resemble a box. Then, screw each individual slat’s ends together by inserting screws through the holes in each individual slat. Last but not least, use screws, bolts, or staples to secure the legs to either end of your frame.

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