How to throw a bullet pass in Retro Bowl

We will describe how to execute a bullet pass in Retro Bowl in this article. Retro Bowl, a video game, is being created by New Star Games for release on iOS, Android, and the Nintendo Switch in early 2022. Following the launch of the game in January 2020, TikTok had a major surge in popularity in late 2021. Retro Bowl is based on the classic football video game Tecmo Bowl.

On many websites that provide online games, Retro Bowl and Retro Bowl unblocked are both playable.

Therefore, bullet passes in Retro Bowl are what we refer to as lasers in the NFL and are made by the Josh Allens and Patrick Mahomeses of professional football. However, they are difficult to create, so let’s look at how to make them in Retro Bowl.

What in football, the NFL, and the Retro Bowl is a bullet pass?

Passes that prioritise speed or velocity while compromising some accuracy include bullet passes or lasers. When throwing a short- to medium-distance pass to a receiver who is being pressured by one or more defenders, quarterbacks frequently use bullet passes. Before the defender may move to intercept the ball, the throw must get to the receiver.

These are plays that often have a high completion % when executed correctly in real life since the distance to the receiver is small and the loss of accuracy won’t have an impact on the ball’s trajectory.

How to bullet pass in Retro Bowl

According to Twitter user @RetroBitCoach, here’s how to chuck a bullet pass in the Retro Bowl. To get additional advice for the Retro Bowl, follow his account:

  • With one finger, pull back while controlling the quarterback to aim for the pass. Every pass trajectory begins as one that is bent. To modify the dotted passing arc for a bullet throw from a curve to a straight line, tap the screen with a different finger or thumb.
  • As many times as you like, you can alternate between a regular curve ball and a bullet throw before releasing the pass, being sacked, or changing the play to a QB run. After choosing the “Bullet Pass Throw” option, releasing your finger will throw a bullet pass.

How to throw a bullet pass in Retro Bowl

Playing on Extreme is mostly dink-and-dunk out routes to the sidelines without bullet throws, with the rare TE seam route if the defender misses the coverage. The DBs are simply too quick, and if I try to pass anything over the middle, I’ll just end up with interceptions all over the place.

Passes of a bullet fix that. Now that the defenders have less time to react, I may throw into little gaps between them, reopening the field’s middle. I can now use the complete second part of the playbook, which was previously impossible.


I didn’t anticipate that bullet passes would have such a significant effect. Bravo to the developer(s?) for adding such a useful feature to the game!

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