Sauvage Dior Review 2022 and many more Information


According to the Sauvage Dior review, the scent is authentic and of good quality. Its nature-inspired smell and brand value received great feedback, and it is quite popular. However, there were a few unfavorable reviews, mostly over the product’s pricing. Price, on the other hand, is subjective. Because prices differ from person to person, you should make your decision based on your personal requirements and tastes.

Dior Sauvage

Consider purchasing a cheap Dior Sauvage Dossier knockoff if you want a better alternative to the Dior Sauvage scent. These knockoffs have the same scent as the original but are created with safer, more natural components. Aromatic Star Anise is an excellent counterfeit, producing comparable scents without being harsh. Other benefits of Sauvage Dior are discussed in this article.

sauvage dior

Sauvage has a high price tag. A bottle of 100 mL costs USD104. This is a fraction of the cost of many high-end fragrances. If you’re on a budget, you might want to try it because the perfume is far less expensive than many high-end brands. The nice part is that you may try it out before making a purchase. Men and women alike enjoy the smell because of its flexibility.

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The collection is described on the official Dior Sauvage website as a depiction of immense landscapes. Francois Demachy, the famed perfumer of Dior, created it. The scent is “clean, earthy, aristocratic,” according to the manufacturer, and incorporates carefully selected natural components. The two most significant natural ingredients in the scent are calabria bergamot, a citrus fruit, and ambroxan (a chemical produced from rare ambergris).

Dossier Aromatic Star Anise

If you want a less expensive version of the iconic Sauvage Dior, consider Dossier Aromatic Star Anisa. It has a similar scent but is manufactured entirely of natural components, making it less expensive. Aromatic Star Anise is an excellent Dior Sauvage dupe since it delivers comparable notes without being overpowering. The scent is a diverse option that suits both men and women.

sauvage dior

Sauvage is a rich perfume that may be overbearing if worn in conjunction with another scent. The good news is that Sauvage goes nicely with just about every other smell, and you can even layer it! You may discover several scents that are comparable to Sauvage on the market and choose your favorite. The price, however, is a disadvantage of this scent.

The Dior Sauvage fragrance is a classic, elegant smell with fragrant and fresh spice as the key notes. Lavender, wood, herbal, musky, and citrus elements, as well as undertones of pepper, make up the scent. It’s a great scent for both men and women, and it’s appropriate for any season. If you’re not sure if you’ll enjoy the perfume, start with the Dossier version to see if it’s right for you.

Calabria bergamot

This scent is described on the official Dior website as a representation of the company’s “landscapes.” The perfume is made up of natural ingredients that are characterized as aristocratic, earthy, and surprisingly fresh. The sharp tastes of Calabria bergamot mingle with ambroxan, a chemical derived from the rare ambergris. It is believed to elicit feelings of “awe and romanticism.”

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The Calabria bergamot fragrance is a strongly manly and fresh aroma inspired by a wide landscape. To give it a deep, earthy smell, it contains ambroxan, a chemical taken from the uncommon ambergris plant. It’s a very adaptable scent that may be used by any lady, regardless of her age, complexion, or lifestyle.

The resultant smell is strong and fragrant. It’s also a woman’s favorite. It’s a powerful floral and citrus mix that’s suited for most skin types, although sensitive skin may react negatively. Consult a naturopath before purchasing if you have any concerns about the scent’s safety. You’ll be pleased with the outcome!

The lotion is comprised of natural substances, according to a review on the Dior Sauvage Dossier. co website, and may induce a response in certain people. Natural components might cause adverse responses, thus it’s not a product for everyone. Despite the poor evaluations, Sauvage Dior co’s brand value is quite high, and the firm has a dynamic social media presence.


Dior’s Perfume and Fragrances portfolio includes Ambroxan Sauvage, a woody scent. The top notes are bergamot, pepper, and ambroxan, and it was released in 2015. Lavender, vetiver, and elemi are among the flowery aromas in the middle notes. The flowery notes give sophistication.

sauvage dior

The scent is highly popular, although it only lasts for a short time. Some people may find it difficult to stand out in a crowd, and the cost may be prohibitive. You may, however, save money by purchasing it from You may read reviews from other perfume enthusiasts if you wish to test a Dior scent. On the site, there are reviews of numerous scents that compare them to one another.

Aromatic Star Anise is less intricate than Ambroxan Sauvage Dior. Citrus, amber, woody, and herbal are the predominant accords. It is most suitable for guys. It’s a sophisticated and timeless manly scent. Dossier is one of the various names for the Dior Sauvage perfume. Aromatic Star Anise is the name given to the Dossier version. Although the two odors are similar, there are some subtle variances to be mindful of.

Woody accords

One of Sauvage’s hallmark notes is the woody accords. They start with a blond wood and tobacco leaf combination, creating a complex aroma. Dry fruits, rum, and pink pepper make up the heart note, while vetiver, cedar, and labdanum make up the woody base note. Sauvage’s woody accords linger on the skin for several hours and are unisex. The scent isn’t too overbearing, and it’s light enough to wear both day and night.


Sauvage Dior, a clone of the iconic Dior fragrance, starts with the same spicier notes as the original but is less powerful. Instead, lavender and Geranium lead the way, followed by patchouli and amber wood. Both of these perfumes are lacking in musk and don’t stay as long as the original. Aromatic Star Anise, another clone, has similar floral overtones and includes rare ambergris.

While the original Sauvage is a classic and iconic scent, several other manufacturers have tried to copy it. The major accords of the original scent include fragrant and fresh spices, as well as notes of lavender, patchouli, and pepper. Vetiver, labdanum, cedar, and musk are among the base notes. Sauvage by Dior is a traditional masculine scent that is both clean and noble.


The Sauvage Dior dossier is a thorough examination of the company’s many goods. This book is jam-packed with information, including biographies of the fashion house’s artists and fascinating insights into Dior’s creative process. All cologne and scent connoisseurs will be interested in the Sauvage Dossier. Just be aware of your skin sensitivity before purchasing the fragrance.

The perfume is a one-of-a-kind mix of rare substances with the ability to create a powerful, manly scent. The vast, ozone-blue sky and white-hot desert sun inspired its creation. Dior Sauvage has Johnny Depp as its brand ambassador. And it’s no surprise that Johnny Depp is endorsing the fragrance. According to Fragrantica Trends’ online community, the brand’s appeal has grown online.

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