These Men’s cotton shorts Will Update Your Summer Style

When the weather warms up and the days lengthen, it’s time to dust off those summer cotton shorts, which is an important annual wardrobe ritual. Men’s shorts are a summer must-have, whether you’re sipping brews with friends, jogging to the neighborhood coffee shop, or simply relaxing around the house.

It’s time to restock, and this guide will assist you in doing so. We’ve put together a list of 10 high-quality shorts from popular brands like Bonobos, Rhone, and prAna to keep you looking and feeling cool this summer.

Stretch Short Chubbies 7″

Summertime is synonymous with chubbies shorts. They have an iconic style thanks to their old-school seven-inch inseam, and they’re also comfortable and adaptable because of their elastic waistband, stretchy fabric blend (including traditional seersucker variants), and variety of colors.

Short prAna Alameda

Alameda provides great performance as well as long-term viability. These shorts are made of 95% recycled nylon fabric, are elastic, dry quickly, provide UPF 50+ sun protection, and resist creases. This makes them an excellent choice for camping and other outdoor activities that necessitate stylish and durable shorts.

Washed Chino Shorts by Bonobos

Bonobos’ iconic chino shorts have a timeless look and (nearly) personalized comfort. They’re available in three distinct fits to fit any body type, as well as a variety of stylish colors.

Short Faherty Tradewinds

This breezy alternative from Faherty will stand up to the summer heat. They come in summer-inspired pastel color selections, have an eight-inch inseam, and are constructed of a lightweight fabric blend of organic cotton, linen, and spandex that feels like a cool breeze to wear.

Short Saturday Marine Layer

This pair from Marine Layer is a cross between five-pocket shorts and joggers, combining soft cotton canvas fabric, an elastic waistband, and many pockets to create a relaxed yet useful pair of shorts.

Organic Ripstop Cargo Short by United by Blue

Cargo shorts aren’t going anywhere, whether you like them or not, and this pair truly elevates the category. They’re constructed of organic cotton with a sturdy ripstop weave, and they’re ideal for adding a little more storage to your summer wardrobe (without making you look like a dork).

Longfellow Shorts by Tracksmith

Tracksmith is known for its high-quality running gear, but the Longfellow Shorts may easily be worn as casual summer attire as well. They have a sleek design thanks to the moisture-wicking four-way stretch fabric, an elastic waistband for all-day comfort, and a zipped back pocket for safe storage no matter what your speed is.

Short Vuori Ponto

You’ll be living in these Ponto shorts all summer, thanks to their ultra-softness and flexibility. They’re perfect for hot weather since Vuori’s stretchy combination of recycled polyester and elastane is breathable and moisture-wicking. In addition, a zip pocket protects your belongings safe. If you’re going for an athleisure vibe this summer, these are a must-have.

Tailored Short

When the office temperature is set to ‘grill,’ this is the style to wear Monday through Friday if you’re convinced that baring your calves won’t result in a meeting with HR. Combine a pair with a crisply ironed shirt, perfectly polished Derbies, and light cotton or linen-blend jacket for a refined style that would be appropriate for a date or al fresco dining at a high-end restaurant.

“Choose simple designs in subdued colors,” Katner suggests, emphasizing the necessity of a style that touches the sweet spot right above the knee. “Avoid details like flap or zip pockets, as well as anything vaguely sports-related.”

Denim Short

When you start spending more time in your pub’s beer garden than in your own, invest in a pair of hardwearing shorts that can endure a few washes – since pint dribbles are certain to happen. Possibly even cigarette ash. Knee-length denim is the way to go these days. Denim shorts are sturdy and transfer nicely to the evening, despite not being as breathable as their cotton and linen cousins. Even better, a dark color will disguise most stains and go well with a shirt as the sunsets.

I dressed poorly, denim shorts have a tendency to seem untidy. To avoid the string vest and choose yours carefully. Start with a simple slim-fitting tee and add a fine-gauge sweater or sweatshirt on top to keep your teeth from chattering as the sunsets.
Also, tread carefully. That is to say, wearing denim shorts with flip-flops is never a good idea. Running trainers may be hard, so go for a pair of canvas or leather low-tops to match the rest of the appearance.

Sports Short

You’ll probably wear your sweaty workout shorts outside the gym unless you’ve set up a sleeping bag halfway between the leg press and the running machine. However, because of the athleisure age, it’s a lot simpler to appear attractive while doing so. Choose a discreet pair of sweat shorts in a flexible color like black, grey, or navy (think logo-free jersey). Alternatively, go for a streetwear vibe with anything strongly branded like Nike or Champion (not literally).

Wear a crew neck T-shirt with a bomber jacket or a luxurious hoodie to keep the rest of your look on track. Similarly, neutral colors work well, but bringing in a pop of color with one item — either the shirt or the jacket – may liven up this laid-back ensemble.

Swim Short

Surprisingly, for such a tiny and seasonal industry, there are a plethora of beach and poolside shorts options for guys. The most straightforward to wear are fitted versions in solid colors and quick-drying materials, which are ideal for a post-dip lunch.

Cropped retro swimmers with unusually short legs have been popular for a few years, but go with care and at least a few legs day sessions under your belt. The same may be said about designs that are brilliant and coruscating. If you go bold below the waist, make sure the rest of your outfit is subdued.

“Make sure anything you put on top is basic,” May advises, “otherwise you’ll appear a bit forced.” “Make sure they’re dry before wearing them, and pair them with a polo shirt to make the transition seamless.”



This fashionable British location is recognized for timeless design-led clothes, bridging the gap between high street and high end. The company was a pioneer of the Cuban collar shirt long before anybody else, and it offers a great selection of shorts to match. Reiss features a linen range, when most other manufacturers only offer cotton twill shorts, offering you additional alternatives for high-summer temperature changes.

Orlebar Brown

What appears to be a long-lost Spanish conqueror is really the most well-known luxury swimsuit brand. These shorts, which have undergone the same amount of tailoring as suit trousers and come in a variety of exotic designs you’ll want to hang on your wall, are almost too good to dirty in chlorinated waters. The British label has recently grown to include all of your sartorial requirements, including some stylish cotton shorts.


It’s no surprise that the world’s most popular chinos also offer a wide selection of shorts. You may determine how much thigh you want on display by ordering by the length of the in-seam, and there’s a wide range of colors to choose from. Look for denim designs that are dependable, inexpensive, and relaxed.

Ralph Lauren

With a selection of preppy basics (knitwear, chinos, polos) evacuated from the college library and onto the beaches of Cannes, Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein resurrected US fashion in the 1970s. Lauren characterizes his style as an American interpretation of Europe in the 1930s, so imagine what F. Scott Fitzgerald might wear if he could show a little leg.

Ralph Lauren undoubtedly has the greatest selection of shorts on the high street, with a variety of styles (relaxed, classic fit, stretched slim) and vibrant colors and designs.


The high-street behemoth is known for being able to predict the next catwalk trends without requiring you to rob a bank to update your wardrobe. They feature one of the most diverse options of shorts on the market. This is an excellent location to come to sample more obscure trends without spending a bunch, in addition to evergreen chino designs.

Frescobol Carioca

Who is this Carioca Frescobol? Is there some type of perma-tanned, gloriously flamboyant European designer someplace on the Atlantic coast who creates the best-fitted bathing shorts? No, it’s two British stockbrokers who happen to manufacture premium beachwear that epitomizes Rio de Janeiro’s carnival culture due to a big DNA mix-up in the fashion lab. Who cares where it originated from as long as the vibrant mosaic patterns and precise perfection are appreciated.


While the shorts market can be a touch overrun with a-tad-too-beige alternatives, Gucci isn’t one of them. Its ever-increasing appeal among social media-obsessed millennials is due to the fact that its outfits receive a lot of Instagram likes. As far as apparel goes, they always look better as a stand-alone statement, therefore anchoring with simple pieces to balance off the opulence.

Marks & Spencer

While the grand old duke of the British high street still produces a few pairs of dad-friendly cargo shorts and even one or two three-quarter-length nightmares, its vast shorts collection also contains some hidden jewels. Its customised chino fashions are among the most affordable on the market.

Scotch & Soda

We’d like to imagine Ernest Hemingway would extend his scotch and soda-loving tendencies to the Dutch brand of the same name, which is his favourite drink. The label’s shorts have a somewhat looser fit than the buttoned-up, more tailored labels on our list, as well as hippy-ish patterns that would be appropriate for an affluent gap year.

There’s little danger of being caught twinning with that man from HR near the work photocopier if you’re a brand that goes under the radar.


Sunspel’s concept is straightforward: create extraordinary, everyday apparel out of gorgeous textiles. As a result, anticipate pure lightweight cotton shorts with a garment dye from the British heritage brand (rather than stitching together pre-dyed fabrics, the entire garment is soaked in colour). The shorts get softer and more worn-in as a result of this. Although this isn’t Gucci or Orlebar Brown in terms of colour and design, a Sunspel basic can’t go wrong for the subtle British gentleman on the run.

Oliver Spencer

If there was ever such a thing as casual formalwear, it exists in Oliver Spencer’s head. The designer founded his namesake label a little more than 15 years ago, and it has since ascended to the top of the British menswear heap with exquisite tailoring that isn’t stuffy.

Pink tones, as well as stripes, rule supreme in terms of colour. Short shorts are out, and the Oliver Spencer cut is just above the knee, with linen and jersey as the preferred textiles for a relaxed fit with no pretence.

Ted Baker

Ted Baker is the master of the unexpected. Do you think you’re going to receive simple chino shorts? There’s a paisley accent below, which you may admire. It’s the Ted way: a traditional form and fit concealing a fantastic peacocking finish. The short range is a fun spin on the chino design, with a narrower taper than preppy counterparts and a wide choice of colours that vary from dangerously safe to rich and luscious.

Selected Homme

Selected Homme, from the Danish apparel firm Bestseller, which also owns Jack & Jones, is a minimalist Scandinavian approach on menswear, as opposed to its stablemate’s vintage-inspired Americana. The brand’s printed shorts are basic and classy, with the bulk of the selection being block-colored with a few striped pairs turning up at Topman, ASOS, and John Lewis, among others.

You’ll find 100 percent cotton at costs that won’t break the bank for a last-minute getaway.

BONUS: The Workout to look good In Short

Shorts are exposing by their mere nature. As a result, make certain that anything you reveal is worthy of being displayed. To look nice in shorts, you don’t need Chris Hoy’s legs, but little muscular definition can enhance your confidence and let you to experiment with more possibilities. “When you have a toned body, you can be more imaginative with your shorts,” May explains, “so that both tailored and sports-inspired designs work nicely.”

It just takes two sessions each week to get thighs that are worthy of being flaunted. “To get significant results, you should workout your lower body at least twice a week,” advises Luke Worthington, head trainer at the premium London gym chain Third Space. One session should be dedicated to ‘knee-dominant exercises,’ while the other should be devoted to ‘hip-dominant routines.’

Choose one exercise from each category based on your skill level, then execute them in the following order: heavy lift first, single leg second, finisher third. Complete four sets of each exercise, with 6-8 repetitions on heavier movements and 10-12 reps on single-leg motions and finishers.

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