TikToker Gets boyfriend name tattoo on Spine | Couple Splits Up a Week Later

A TikToker got the name of her partner tattooed on her spine. The relationship broke up barely a week after this permanent and dedicated deed of tattooing his name.

Before they broke up, TikToker got her ex-name boyfriend’s tattooed on her body.

Ashlyn Grace, a TikToker, used the social media site to show off her tattoo, which read “ALEXANDER,” the name of her ex. The couple, on the other hand, split up barely a week after she received the tattoo.

The 21-year-old was allegedly left with massive bold letters running down her spine, which are now permanently imprinted on her body. Ashlyn apparently talked about getting a tattoo of her ex-name boyfriend’s in the original viral video, but they split up a week later.

TikTok had 7.1 million and 5.4 million views, respectively.

The video shows her miming Lizzo’s Rumours lyrics. In the next video, Ashlyn even stated that the tattoo was somewhat large. The two films have apparently received a combined 7.1 million and 5.4 million views, with several comments in the comment box.

This isn’t the first time someone has had a bad tattoo idea. In fact, there have been instances where people have had tattoos that have been dubbed the “worst tattoo ever” by others. In reality, a specific man died after flesh-eating germs contaminated his new tattoo.

Tattoo Designs That Aren’t Good

Tattoo artists revealed some of their worst tattoo requests from various people in a separate Reddit post. One tattoo artist recalled a young man who wanted the inscription “Lisa please forgive me” tattooed on his back.

The tattoo artist asked this customer whether it was a last-ditch effort to get his girl back, and the man responded yes, according to LadBible. Although the artist advised him that it was a bad idea, the guy insisted on having the tattoo.


In the future, a tattoo artist sees a no-win situation.

If a tattoo design succeeds in bringing a female back, the tattoo artist believes she will recall a specific “awful act” he did every time she sees the tattoo. This tattoo may serve as a reminder to both of them that it is proof of his love while also implying that he was mistaken.

However, if the scheme failed, the tattoo would serve as a reminder of his history. Women will invariably inquire about his tattoo in the future, regardless of whom he wishes to date. His next date could inquire about what he did and how it was so bad that he wanted to get a tattoo with his ex to mend things. The artist then stated that that specific tattoo appears to be a “no-win” situation.

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