Who Is Brent Rivera Dating In 2021: Who Is The American Youtuber Dating?

Who is Brent Rivera dating in 2021? If you are a fan of the renowned YouTuber, one of the most pressing issues on your mind should be Who is Brent Rivera dating in 2021, after Eva Gutowski stated that he was dating someone else. Continue reading to get more about Who is Brent Rivera dating in 2021.

Rivera, Brent Austin

He was born in Huntington Beach, California, on January 9, 1988. He is a well-known YouTuber and TikToker from the United States, with millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel and other media profiles. Brent is also well-known as an actor, having portrayed Issac Salcedo in Light as a Feather and Alexander in Alexander IRL.

Past relationship

The YouTuber had a long-term romance with Eva that lasted nearly six years. The two met in 2015, however there are no information on how they met. Eva is also a well-known YouTuber who uploads beauty, fashion, humour, and lifestyle videos on a daily basis. Brent Rivera and Eva Gutowski’s relationship was always complex because none of them stepped forward to confirm or dispute their connection. Eva and Brent during their fictitious wedding.

who is brent rivera dating in 2021

The couple had continued to share lovely images together and feature in each other’s YouTube videos throughout the years, leaving viewers wondering what was going on between them. The YouTuber was famous at the time for his “will they, won’t they” relationship with Eva. They even went on a few dates together, including a sweet trip to Disneyland. Rivera made a film called Dating My Ally for 24 Hours in which he wanted to see what it would be like to date Eva for a whole 24 hours.

Because the couple was seen kissing, holding hands, and snuggling, the evening was quite romantic. Eva had also admitted to having a crush on Brent, but he didn’t share her feelings. You’ll be astonished to learn that the couple married on different days. Brent posted a photo of himself and Eva standing at an altar, but the couple just pretended to be married for his vlog. The two, on the other hand, insisted that they are merely great friends who adore each other.

Brent Rivera is now dating?

Brent has not began publicly confirming whether or not he was dating anyone. However, there have been further rumours that Pierson Wodzynski and Brent Rivera are dating. A few of videos on Instagram and TikTok, in which Pierson and Brent mentioned each other as best friends, started the rumours. The rumoured relationship between Brent Rivera and Pierson has surfaced several times. Pierson has been in the majority of Brent’s films, and the two look to be good friends. Rivera, on the other hand, has been silent about the issue and has yet to confirm whether or not he is dating Pierson. Is Brent Rivera married or not? In 2021, it’s fair to presume he’ll still be single.

who is brent rivera dating in 2021

Brent Austin Rivera Instagram




1. Will Brent Rivera and Pierson be dating in 2021?

Is Brent Rivera dating anybody in 2021? Brent and Pierson have even been given couple names by his followers. Brent is most likely remain single until he acknowledges his relationship with Pierson.

2. Is Alexa Rivera a biological child?

Alexa Rivera, a college junior from Colorado, spent the weekend in Madera. She’ll return to school on Sunday, but with one exception: the 21-year-old will be officially adopted by her foster parents and become a member of the Rivera family

3. Lexi Hensler is a married woman.

Lexi Hensler does not have a husband. She is dating Christian Wilson, a well-known social media personality. The pair began dating in 2019, after originally being acquaintances. After some time, they decided to take their relationship to the next level.

4. What is the true name of Brent?

Brent Austin Rivera (born January 9, 1998) is an actor and YouTuber from the United States.

5.What does Brent stand for?

Brent is a short version of Brenton and is an Old English given name and surname.

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