Xresolver XBox Gamertag – Resolver for Xbox and PlayStation (2022)

Protecting your identity is a crucial duty when using Xbox and PlayStation. Your gaming username and gamer tags may be converted to an IP address with the aid of XResolver. Along with security, another advantage of switching from lengthy user names and game tags to IP addresses is that numbers are simpler to memorise than lengthy names. The programme you use to convert names and tags to IP addresses is called XResolver.

You must attempt and investigate xResolver right now if you’re looking for a free internet solution to convert the Xbox and PS gamer tags into short digits. We will discuss xResolver in further detail and go over every feature of this online platform/website in this tutorial.

What is Xbox and PlayStation’s xResolver?

Gamer user names and gamer tags may be resolved using the Xbox and PlayStation resolver program called xResolver. By resolving usernames, tags, and domain names, this utility transforms them into IP addresses.

Changing gamer tags and usernames to IP addresses has two advantages. Since hackers can memorise IP addresses more easily than identities, gamers may also conceal from them. However, xResolver’s biggest benefit is that it safeguards your data from hackers and other shady characters.

How can I sign up for xResolver?

You must register for an account on xResolver before using it. These instructions will guide you through the xResolver registration procedure.

  • Visit https://xresolver.com now.
  • Select “Register”
  • Fill out the registration form with your username, email address, and password.
  • To finish the xResolver registration procedure, click the “Register” button now.

How to Use xResolver

It is not difficult to utilise xResolver to change a gamer’s username and gamer tag because of its user-friendly interface. The goal of converting the username to an IP address may be quickly accomplished if you simply follow the steps provided below.

  • Use any browser or device to access https://xresolver.com
  • Choose Xbox or Playstation Resolver.
  • The “Xbox Gamertag” must then be entered and converted to an IP address.
  • If you’ve previously changed your Gamertag to an IP address, you may enter it and change it to your Xbox player name by clicking “IP Address.”
  • To view the outcomes, proceed to step two and choose “Resolve.”
  • You may use a similar procedure to resolve a PlayStation Gamertag or IP Address.

Xbox xResolver – How can I put myself on a blacklist?

Your Gamertag or Xbox or Playstation username will be converted to an IP address and uploaded to the xResolver database after that. This indicates that the database can access your Gamertag and username addresses. You can blacklist yourself so that no one will be able to locate your information if you don’t want them to be able to access your IP address.

It is advised that you get in touch with your ISP if you want to conceal your IP address from prying eyes. Your IP address will be changed, which will keep the backers away from your information. Most experts also advise using a high-end VPN to obfuscate or alter your IP address. You may even relocate your physical location with a VPN. Most importantly, never provide any critical information online.

What is xResolver?

A description of xResolver in more depth is given in the table below.

Date of Creation 2017
Works with Xbox & PlayStation
Ability Change users’ Xbox and PlayStation Gamertags and usernames
Other Benefits IP logger, PSN username, IP Storage etc.
Registered Users 0.25 Million

Xbox Features for xResolver

For its users, xResolver provides a variety of functions and advantages. Following are a handful of these.

  • Change PlayStation Network (PSN) username – Before registering, this PSN utility verifies if the desired username is available.
  • Your IP addresses can be saved and stored using IP storage.
  • Identifying My IP The capability of verifying your system’s IP address is provided by xResolver.



You may resolve the Xbox and PlayStation login and Gamertag with xResolver. It is a crucial tool for protecting your data from hackers. If you have any information to contribute or a query concerning xResolver, please let us know.

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