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According to reports, the conflict between YouTube TV and NBC may cause the platform, which is controlled by Google, to drop 14 stations. You Need Channels com has gained notoriety as a result of this story.

What does actually do? How does it work? Why is it related to NBC? Find all of your questions’ responses here. We’ll explain the background, the motivations, and the conclusions reached thus far.

An Overview of YouTube TV

The YouTube TV platform offers live TV streaming from digital cable and regional sports channels as well as live broadcasts from broadcast networks. Viewers must pay a monthly membership fee in order to have access to more than 70 channels.

YouTube TV is the preferred site for live TV for people who have cut the cord on entertainment. Along with entertainment, the offer includes news, sports, local, international, lifestyle, etc. You may connect to some of the most respected networks using the YouTube TV software. These channel providers include several local channels in the United States as well as ABC, Fox, and CBS.

The NBC Universal network’s channel 14+ is also among these channels. The Golf Channel, CNBC, USA Network, Telemundo, Bravo, The Olympic Channel, and E! are a few examples. Oxygen, Universal Kids, NBC News Now, Syfy, Universo, USA, Cozi, NECN, MSNBC, NBCLK, and NBC 4k Content are among the other channels.

The Problem That Caused the Feud

The issue first came up in September 2021. The platform and the content provider’s contracts needed to be renewed at this time. Searching for “fair prices” on both ends was the primary problem. Since no decision was made, subscribers anticipated an NBC channel outage.

At the end of September, the expiry date was anticipated. However, no such actions were taken in order to spare the spectators any inconvenience. Both sides are aware of the need to discuss the matter further and have increased viewership until a resolution is reached.

The Way You Need Channel Com Attracted Attention

Youneedchannels, a YouTube TV substitute, has appeared amid all the commotion. According to the story, NBC Universal was sending its clients to It was to get a taste of the 14 channels that YouTube TV will replace.

Although users of the portal have confirmed access to the channels, the veracity of the news is yet uncertain. On the website, there is additional stuff that may be viewed depending on what can be viewed and uploaded.

You Need Channels About

This portal may now be accessible from anywhere in the world and is very simple to use. You’ll need a browser, like Chrome, to connect to the portal. You may use your phone or computer to view

Once the required webpage has loaded, you may use the taskbar’s navigation feature. From this point on, you may access the channels on the website. The accessibility of their channels is confirmed because NBC Universal has a history of directing users there.

Additional Information about You Need Channels Com

The website is not an old one, to be clear. It was introduced on June 28th, 2021, and will need to be renewed on June 28th, 2022, which is quickly approaching. Additionally, because it is a new website, not many people have given it praise because they are worried about its continuation.

Since the website is still in its early stages of development, it has a long way to go before consumers will start to trust and value it. According to statistics, 1% of the content on the site is true.

Additionally, the website is devoid of any user-submitted social evidence or analysis. There are no reviews or information on online interactions that might increase dependability or credibility.

A few sources have also offered their perspective on the situation. Some claim that NBC was attempting to persuade YouTube to include Peacock Subscription in the same bundle of channels. Although it had been a delight for the viewers and subscribers, YouTube did not make a lot of money from the partnership.

It was unable to create another channel because it was already known that the dispute over certain money matters was the cause of the quarrel. Additionally, many people are still perplexed as to why NBC Universal would be even somewhat interested in becoming linked with Peacock.

Regarding Peacock TV

Peacock TV is an NBC Universals TV service that will broadcast NBC’s original programming to individuals who may not be familiar with it. Although the offer will be free, its scope will be very narrow. According to the watching plan, a specific subscription value must be paid in order to access extra material. Both watching with and without advertising may fall under this category.

The purpose is to promote various NBC Universal works. The next day, Peacock will continue to stream the previously streamed material from different NBC Universal networks. The networks receiving the brag include NBC News, E!, Bravo, MSNBC, and more.

Dramas, live sporting events, movies from Universal Studios, comedies, and much more will be featured in the programming. Viewers of Peacock TV will even get access to brand-new and unique programs.

The Real Battle has received mixed reviews; therefore, YouTube would be a better choice for NBC Universal. The website’s renewal is yet hypothetical and undetermined. Large corporations, though, can have alternate plans to get things moving.

Both parties had agreed to keep operating the channels for their clients for the time being. Until an agreement could be reached, a brief extension was decided.



Users of YouTube Tv will receive a $10 discount off their monthly channel price if NBC Universal is forced to leave their position as the service’s content supplier.

It is yet unclear what options NBC Universal has for its channels if You Need does not win.

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