17 Cursed Pop Tart Flavors That Taste Like the Real Thing


If you like pop tarts, you’ve probably seen some strange-looking pop tart flavor packs that don’t exist but are going popular on networks like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok. So, what exactly are the cursed pop-tart flavors? And they’re real? In this essay, we will discover! There is also a list of the top 17 cursed pop tarts varieties that have gone viral.

What are cursed pop tart flavors?

On the Internet, pop tart aficionados have split the tastes into two categories:

  • Weird pop-tart flavors
  • Cursed pop tart flavors

Weird tastes really exist and are the outcome of the brand’s experimentation. To sustain interest and continuous demand, pop tart offers certain out-of-the-box varieties on occasion. Weird tastes are also the product of effective marketing. Some unusual flavors are delicious, while others are a flop.

On the other hand, cursed pop tart flavors do not exist in reality. They are the outcome of pop tart aficionados’ inventiveness. Despite the fact that photographs of bogus pop tart flavors spread in the press, corporations benefit from this since it provides them with free promotion.

Why are there cursed pop tart flavors?

Because pop tart fans like to view these photographs, remark on them, and share them, cursed or fraudulent tastes exist. It increases interaction and translates it into money for content providers. These cursed pop-tart photos are popular. Who doesn’t want to cash in on the trend?

It has become a source of enjoyment for individuals to discover a new pop-tart taste that did not previously exist. It’s thrilling, and in this post, you can also learn about some of the greatest cursed pop tart flavors.

Can you buy them for actual money?

Certainly not! The cursed tastes cannot be purchased since they do not exist. These tastes are only for social media fun and amusement. You may look at those amazing photographs or share your own with other pop tart fans, but don’t try to find them on Amazon since they don’t exist.

Pop Tarts now sells 20 varieties, but you can get hundreds of cursed flavors online. Browse their official website for specific information on available flavors if you want to buy odd pop-tart tastes.

17 Cursed Poptart Flavors.

Now that you’ve grasped the fundamentals of cursed flavors, let’s have a look at some of the most inventive ways individuals have used to bring these cursed flavors to life:

17. Pop-tart Glueberry

Glueberry is the final and one of the most intriguing cursed pop tart flavors on our list. We liked how effortlessly the developer changed the name from blueberry to Glueberry, which seems more authentic. However, no one wants to put glue in their mouth. The pop tart wafer with glue on top is part of the simplistic design. It makes you feel like you’re eating something terrible and is a fun meme to share with your pals.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

16. Pop-tart rice pudding

Are you a lover of rice pudding? Then this image of pop tart rice pudding will undoubtedly pique your attention. The author largely utilised white to guarantee the rice’s essence was preserved. Also, he moved wafers under the pop tart emblem, which is something we haven’t seen on any other phony flavors of a pop tart. Also, some individuals could enjoy this rice pudding flavor; don’t forget to share it with them.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

15. Pop-tart candle

If you’ve ever loved or tasted the wax on a candle, you’ll be able to guess how this candle-flavored pop tart would taste in real life. With the essence of the wax, I suppose it would be bland. What are your thoughts?

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

Anyway, it’s another unusual notion that makes no sense but is entertaining enough to share as a meme with your pals. Consider a buddy who is unfamiliar with phony pop-tart flavors and receives this image. Of course, he’ll be fascinated at first, but you’ll burst the bubble by letting him understand it’s a hoax.

14. Pop-tarts rust

One of our favorite cursed pop tart flavors since the concept is unique and the ingenuity leads you to the next level. Most photographs have a typical box of pop tarts with some editing in the name and wafers, but this image features a rust design on the top of the box, the wafers, and even the edges. The whole approach gives the pop tart box the appearance of an old rusted tin box that has been rusting for years. It’s also another revolting flavor that you could despise.
Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

13. Pop-tart Doritos

It’s another cursed pop tart flavor I’d try if it was really available. Who doesn’t want to start their day with crunchy and salty Doritos? Even the image is sufficient to convey a genuine sense. If you have a buddy who like Doritos, this is the ideal image to tease them with. Also, the most recently released pop tart varieties were high in sugar and received backlash for the same reason. This is one more photograph that backs up the troll.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

12. Pop-tart homework

These cursed pop tart flavors do not correspond to the type of flavor you can ingest. Instead, email this viral image to youngsters who dislike doing homework to remind them that even your favorite pop tart wants you to focus on your academics. The artwork is straightforward, with assignments written on top and pop-tart wafers that incorporate a sign or wafers. It’s not useful to transmit to grownups, which may explain why it’s not well-known.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

11. Pop-tart tide

We’re back with the revolting tastes. This one comes with detergent and a pleasant tidal scent. If you want people to remember you as a detergent because of your smell rather than your clothing, then this detergent taste is for you. It would be an excellent meme to remind folks of their awful odour. If you do this with your not-so-close pals, you could damage someone’s feelings.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

10. Pop-tarts of chicken curry

We’re not done with great faux pop tart tastes just yet. The majority of you enjoy eating chicken-flavored cereal in the morning. It’s so amazing that the corporation should think about including it as an authentic taste on their menu. But you already know that’s not going to happen.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

Nonetheless, the photograph became popular because it depicts a natural-looking chicken curry with matching colors and chicken nuggets on the side. Send this to a friend who likes chicken and pop tarts. He will undoubtedly be pleased.

9. Pop-tarts of red onion

People in India enjoy eating onions with their meals. It will be a nice flavor for them since they will be able to replace eating raw onion with wafered onion and cream. It sounds like a worthwhile endeavor to pursue, but it does not currently exist. However, the image is appealing, and the concept is worth spreading.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

This viral image contains 2-3 onions with a red onion hue and small red dots on the pop tart wafers, adding much-needed contrast to the notion.

8. Pop-tart coca cola

Let’s make things right with a cola-flavored drink. It’s exhilarating, and I doubt anyone would refuse to enjoy this delicious flavor. Consider having Coca-Cola and wafers as your morning snack.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

Doesn’t it sound impressive? Hold your breath, since the flavor does not exist, and your fantasy of consuming cola in pop-tarts will stay a fantasy. However, the image is intriguing, and the author provides an excellent effect by using a natural Coca-Cola can.

7. Pop-tart hairs

One of the cursed pop tart flavors is composed of hair. That’s both repulsive and fascinating at the same time. The pop tart logo is sporting a wig with an additional wig on the side in this illustration.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

It’s made of brown and has the appearance of chewing blonde hair. It is one of the most revolting flavors on our list since hairs are something we see on a regular basis, and eating them as a snack is revolting. Don’t forget to forward it to that amusing buddy who is fascinated with bad material.

6. Pop-tart dead caterpillars

Because there are those who can eat dead caterpillars, this one is worth considering as an excellent flavor. Are you the right person? The artist of this image has colored the pop tart wafers green and added some little dots that resemble dead caterpillars. It’s not the most creative thing I’ve ever seen, but the concept is good and meets some of our needs. With a bit more effort, it might have been more original.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

5. Pop-tart nuclear waste

No one would want to consume nuclear waste, and these cursed pop tart flavors appear dangerous. Do you know what nuclear waste smells like, by the way? I kid you not! For the love of your life, don’t locate it and smell it. Yellow, which is the color of dangerous materials, was utilised by the artist to give it a realistic appearance. He enhanced the phony image by adding two barrels of nuclear waste. He must have put a lot of effort into making this.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

4. Pop-tart garlic bread

This one makes sense, and I would have tried it if the garlic bread flavor was available. The designer utilised the standard photo of the pop tart box for this image and altered the wafers to seem like garlic bread. He also gave them a light yellow tint to make them look like actual garlic bread, and the colors improved the entire appearance. You may gift it to a buddy who likes pizza or garlic bread. It would be a ridiculous surprise for them.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

3. Pop-tart gasoline

This fantastic array of pop tart flavors also has a gasoline theme. If you’ve ever smelled gasoline, you can picture how the gasoline-flavored pop tart would smell. Nobody wants to do it. This image went viral because it is a completely out-of-the-box notion that makes no logic yet is amusing enough to share with fellow pop tart fans.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

2. Pop-tart cement

Do you want to eat cement in your pop tarts? Don’t worry; it’s only a joke, but it’s a clever one. Send it to a buddy who speaks a lot and you want to make his mouth stronger. The greatest idea would be a cement-flavored goodie. The image is quite typical, but the concept is exceptional. The pop tart wafer has been dapped into cement, and some cement particles have been strewn around to complete the effect. It does have the effect of eating cement with chocolate.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors

1. Pop-tart coronavirus

Consider eating coronavirus pop pie to put a stop to the pandemic. This cursed pop tart flavors is comical, with the name of the pop tart having a mask behind, and the wafer has a virus-like pattern that looks a touch nasty, but it’s unique enough to maintain the top spot on this list. We have all been impacted by the virus, and seeing it on our beloved pop tart allows us to readily identify with it, which is why the image went viral.

Cursed Pop Tart Flavors


Final thoughts

The list of cursed pop tart flavors came to an end. To discover the greatest fake taste image for you, we searched through a variety of online resources. It’s encouraging to see how inventive individuals have grown in recent years.

However, don’t try to look for any of these varieties in the market because they are just available as a joke and aren’t actually available. The best you can do is inform those who enjoy pop-tarts but are unaware of the false taste craze. They’ll be intrigued by it!

Numerous cursed tastes are now popular on social media, and we may have overlooked some of the better ones. Please share your thoughts on those tastes in the comments section.



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