Alexandra Daddario talks about her first naked scene, doing improv for ‘Baywatch,’ and the best fitness advice she’s ever received from the Rock.


It’s enough to make a grown man bite his fist in irritation when he has to do an interview with Baywatch starlet Alexandra Daddario from afar, rather than in person. Not only is the sapphire-eyed, buxom brunette—who has previously been in TV’s True Detective and the film San Andreas—super hot, but she’s also super cool, even when she’s revealing her concerns that two presidents have seen her nude. Yes, there are two presidents: What an honor it is to be commander-in-chief.

Men’s Fitness: In the first season of True Detective, you had a naked scene. “The president has seen my boobs,” you tweeted after learning that President Obama had purchased a DVD of the program. Have you ever had the opportunity to meet him?

Yes, I did! He didn’t mention my boobs to me when I was a visitor to the White House. But he’s seen them if he’s seen, True Detective. They may have been seen by the present president as well…

Given his track record, that’s a safe guess. For your Baywatch part, what type of research did you conduct?

I binge-watched many episodes of the show. We all took some artistic license with the characters since we had so much room to improvise and add our own sense of humor to the roles. No one said, “You can’t do that.” We could cuss or make a snide remark, and no one said, “You can’t do that.”

The film is totally bizarre—in the nicest possible way—and incredibly self-aware. Nicole Eggert complimented me on Twitter when she found out I was reprising her previous role.

You’ve collaborated on two films with The Rock. Did he give you any fitness advice?

The most important thing I learned from Dwayne is that he has a diet and a cheat day. That’s fantastic!

You need the ability to eat anything you want and relax on your day off if you focus on eating incredibly healthy all week. You won’t be able to achieve your physical or other goals if you’re burned out.

Your father was New York City’s deputy head of counterterrorism. When your boyfriends came over, was he the sort to clean his shotgun?

[Laughs] My father was so preoccupied with his profession that I doubt he knew what was going on in my personal life!

I’ve never felt at ease inviting lads over, not that there were any, to begin with. I’ve always wanted to date someone, but I’ve never been successful. You’d be astonished to learn that I’m a fairly low-key person who prefers to stay at home.

What’s the most clumsy way a guy has ever tried to ask you out?

The thing that irritates me the most is when people use imprecise insults to attract my attention. One of my films was once panned by a man.

Relationships take a long time for me, and I want someone that is polite and nice. You don’t have to put forth a lot of effort.’s senior content strategist is Sean Hyson.


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