Revenge porn sharing is back on the Anusib website.


In a disturbing trend, naked photos of women are being traded, collected, and put up without their permission. Not like revenge porn: It is not a crime to watch it. Anonib is a place where people can share and trade erotic images. Sometimes, people don’t want to share or trade adult pictures.

In what way is AnonIB different from other IBs?


It’s called AnonIB, and it’s a place where people can post pornographic pictures and make anonymous comments. has a rule called “Golden Rules.”

  • Anonib is not a media company. It is a platform for sharing images.
  • Make sure you don’t post any content that has minors in it, or content that you think might have minors in it. This includes images that aren’t nude.
  • Do not post anything that is against the law in your area. People who do illegal things on this site will not be able to use this site as a platform.
  • Do not post or ask for personal information (“dox”).

The posting of any external links (URLs) is strictly forbidden, even if you’re just trading with your friends (giving out your user id for offsite contact). It is not allowed to send messages that are spamming, flood, or phish.

  • You have to be at least 18 years old or older to use this site.

However, even though there are rules, there are still a lot of people who break them and post pictures of women without their permission. Anusib, also known as AnonIB, was shut down in 2018 because it was illegal to trade explicit pictures of people. We hope that revenge porn never comes out on this site again, but that’s not going to happen.

People at RPH say that “It’s one of the most dehumanising aspects of intimate image abuse that we see.” It’s like a dark version of Pokemon. Women are things that can be shared, traded, and passed around like prizes. We don’t know how these people got the images in the first place. It could have been their exes, friends, or hackers. This isn’t a place where women would willingly put their own images up. All we see in the comments are women being objectified, humiliated, and exposed over and over again.

There are 21 unique visitors to each day, and 214 people visit the site each day. If you go to, it has a value of $3,124 in cash. On average, each visitor looks at about 10.70 pages.

Based on what Alexa says, Anusib is in the 95,504th place in the world. Because the server is in the United States, WebRate can’t figure out where the traffic comes from or if the distance could slow down the page load time. Top-level domains in the.NET framework are called Anusib and are both in this group. This site has an expired SSL certificate that was given by CloudFlare, Inc., according to the most recent verification results from November 30, 2020. It will be out of date on August 16, 2021.

According to WebRate, isn’t a good site.

Isn’t it weird that there are sections like Accidental Nude? Celebs? Camwhoring? Creepshots/Candid? Camwhoring (paid), Pregnant? Teen 18+? Traps?… and so on?



AnonIB users don’t always tell us how they got the pictures in the first place. It could be their exes, friends, or hackers. It’s not a place where women would willingly put their pictures up. In the comments, we see women being objectified, degraded, and exposed over and over again.

There are a lot of different places where groups can share information. This can happen on platforms like Mega, Dropbox, and Discord, as well as anywhere else groups can share information. An unknown person on Reddit posts photos of women with captions like “Women who aren’t paying attention.” “Gf nudes and gf sex trades I also have videos of bj.” After that, people who are interested are often sent to Snapchat accounts or the messaging app Kik.

Even though it’s hard to say how common this is, data shows that it is. During the lockdown, calls to the RPH more than doubled, because people were using the internet instead of meeting in person. One in five men has been a perpetrator in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK, according to a study. There is a lot of data that shows that women are five times more likely than men to have their intimate photos put on the internet.

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