Can Tenants be evicted from making alterations regarding the Property?


The landlord needs to prove this by the issuance of a report. This is attested by the Dubai Municipality. The landlord enjoys the right to evict a tenant. If any alterations are made to the property without proper permits.

Let us discuss the reasons which have resulted in the right to request the eviction of the tenant. Additionally, certain rules govern the landlord the right to request the eviction of a tenant. Usually, a landlord cannot request eviction. There are reasons attached to it under which eviction of the tenant is possible.

In this case, article 19 0f the law is applied. Article 19 was introduced in 2007 which governs the relationship between tenants and landlords. The tenant must not make alterations, renovations, or maintenance works without adequate permits.

They need to seek the landlord’s permission. Once they gain approval from the landlord only then they can proceed with the changes. Besides, there is also a need for approvals from the relevant and concerned authorities who are responsible. In case of any violation, stern action can be taken.

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Moreover, the landlord has the right to vacate the building, property, or premises from the tenant in case the tenant makes the changes without permission. Therefore, it is vital to seek the landlord’s permission. The tenant is bound to keep the property in its original form.

Besides, the landlord can evict the tenant from the real property if he fails to pay the rent or part of it within 30 days after the notices are sent. The notices must be sent to the tenants before declaring it a default. Moreover, if more time is given, it must be decided between the two parties.

Moreover, any permission taken from the landlord for the changes must be obtained in written form. Oral has no place under the law. This rule applies to both the tenant and the subtenant. Therefore, it is vital to comply with article 19 to avoid any charges and ultimate eviction.

Workers can ask for compensation for Unfair Dismissal if the salary is deducted

The law doesn’t permit the deduction or withholding of workers’ salaries. It is not acceptable to deduct the salary of the worker in normal circumstances. Still, there are some exceptions present under which deductions are permitted under the law.

In this case, the employee is permitted to request arbitrary dismissal compensation.  They might need to take the consideration given by the courts. In case any salary or commission is deducted without the proper consent what a worker can do

The second question which arises is that can the worker legally be entitled to seek compensation under the category of unfair dismissal.  Let us discuss this matter in light of labor law.

According to article 25 of labor laws, an employer shall not deduct or withhold any amount from the worker’s salary. Still, the law does specify some instances under which deduction can be made.

If there are serious complaints against the worker’s service or there are lawsuits against the employer who are proven, in this, their termination of the worker’s service is illegitimate. The employee enjoys the right to request arbitrary compensation for their unjust dismissal.

Labour and Employment Lawyers in the Dubai and UAE are helpful here. They have a full-fledged understanding of the laws and legislation. They can guide the employees according to it. Competent and well-composed lawyers will make a difference. They will assist in getting the compensation which is the right of the lawyer.

The labor and employment lawyers in UAE work in the best interests of the clients and make efforts for more relief.  They will assist the workers with legal issues. It will also stem the relationship between employers and employees.

They will interpret the laws according to the given scenario. They are masters in the practice of labor laws who can represent them in courts, arbitration, and in front of other concerned authorities.


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