Juniper Grace Louise Parents, Grant Gustin’s Daughter


The Flash’s Grant Gustin made a birth announcement and expressed his happiness at becoming a parent. Barry Allen, a prominent character in The Flash, is wed to Andrea LA Thoma; the two exchanged vows in 2018.

Grant Gustin posted on Instagram in 2021 to express his joy at the birth of his daughter. The actor expressed his happiness at the information and said he was prepared to care for his daughter and kiss her every day till she was an adult. Although the celebrity’s kid is still a little child, many admirers have embraced her and wish her the best as she matures.

Juniper Grace Louise’s Parents

Juniper Grace Louise is the offspring of Grant Gustin and Andrea Thoma. In the year after they first met, Grant proposed to the stunning woman who would become Juniper’s mother. The movie actor made the decision to surprise her while the couple was at the beach. Thoma chuckled and said yes even though it appeared to be a joke.

The wedding of Juniper’s parents took place in Los Angeles in 2018. Gustin said that it was actually their second wedding because the bride’s parents had participated in a separate symbolic ceremony with them in Malaysia.

The pair celebrated their second anniversary of marriage in 2020. Gustin claimed that his wife and lover motivate him to work harder every day and that he was grateful to have her in his life. Thoma also talked about how she was living her life with Grant.

When the couple found out they were having a child, they rejoiced and took pictures with their dogs to show that they would soon be welcoming a new crew member. While holding the ultrasound in their hands, the pair rejoiced over the good news.

Mother of Juniper Grace Louise

The mother of Juniper Grace, Andrea Thoma was born in Malaysia on July 11, 1988. The mother of Juniper has a degree from Kent State University and is a licensed physical therapist. She is currently based in Sunnyvale, California.

Because Andrea Thoma’s mother has Malaysian origin, she was raised with Malaysian customs. Andrea Thoma grew up in Malaysia with his brother and sister. Thoma enrolled at Kent State University and completed a BS in exercise physiology there. She attended Old Dominion University and pursued her Ph.D. in Physical Therapy after graduating in 2009.

Following his 2018 marriage to actor-singer Grant Gustin, Andrea Thoma rose to fame. She also enjoys posting on Instagram, where she has amassed a sizable following.

Father of Juniper Grace Louise

A well-known American singer and actor, Grant Gustin. The celebrity, who is Juniper Grace Louise’s father, greeted his daughter with joy after she was born and expressed his happiness that she was doing well. Grant Gustin was born on January 14, 1990, in Norfolk, Virginia, to Thomas Gustn, a college professor, and Tina Haney, a pediatric nurse.

After graduating from Granby High School in 2008, Juniper Grace’s father enrolled in Elon University’s BFA Music Theatre program. When he was a high school student, Juniper’s father started to get interested in acting.

Net Worth

Given that Juniper Grace Louise hasn’t started a job, it’s impossible to estimate her net worth. However, her movie star father has a net worth.

Grant Gustin, an American actor, and singer are worth $5 million. Grant Gustin was born in Norfolk, Virginia, in January 1990. In 2013, he played Campbell Price in the television series 90210. From 2011 to 2013, Gustin portrayed Sebastian Smythe in the television series Glee.


He lent his voice to the 2015 television miniseries Vixen as Barry Allen, The Flash. Gustin has played Barry Allen/The Flash as the main character in both the 2014 television series The Flash and the 2013 television series Arrow. He also portrayed the main character in the movie Affluenza. Additionally, he has appeared as a guest in CSI: Miami episodes.

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