Knowing When to Change Business Tactics and Putting the Wheels in Motion


It can be disconcerting when your business starts to falter and looks to be heading toward an uncertain future. Working out whether the company is going to perk up again or whether you need to change tactics for your business to survive can be amazingly difficult. Whatever you decide is up to you, but you need to pay attention to these three important areas of your business.

#1 Sales Dropping

If you find that your sales are dropping off, the first thing you should do is look at your competitors. See if they are offering new deals and discounts that are taking your customers’ attention or whether they, too, are feeling the pinch.

Offering deals is easy to replicate; however, you should make sure that they are not cutting your profits so much that they are putting your business at even more risk. If they, too, are not offering deals or are feeling the pinch, it may be time to start researching alternative or complimentary products and services to provide your customers with.

#2 Employee Retention Numbers are Dropping

If you find that your employee retention numbers are dropping and you are hemorrhaging talent, you need to see why. They could have found a business offering them superior benefits than yours, and so are leaving en masse. In order to keep the workers that you already have and encourage more to come to your business, you need to at least match the incentives of other businesses in your area or go one better.

Of course, it may not be quite as simple as this, and it may be due to your employee morale. Low morale affects the workplace in a lot more ways than just employees leaving. It can affect employee performance, productiveness, efficiency, and the quality of their output. You can try various methods to heighten your employees’ morale and encourage them to be more loyal to your business. However, once started, you are going to have to keep these methods going, as faltering will only make matters worse.

#3 Influx of Revenue Required

It may be that your business requires an influx of revenue in order to start the right actions into motions and therefore make more money. Opting for a business loan may not be an option, especially if you are already up to the borrowing limit. For this, you are going to require additional methods of increasing your cash flow.

Selling off part of your business by way of company shares may not have occurred to you, but it can be a very easy way of gaining the finances that your business requires. However, you should make sure that your business stays compliant with any relevant laws and regulations by this action. For instance, certain countries, including the USA, require all publicly traded companies (as well as others) to be SOX compliant. This protects their financial and sensitive data while ensuring that they are behaving ethically. You need to know what is SOX compliance and check to see if your business should be compliant.

Final thoughts

Knowing when to change tactics and put other wheels in motion could do no less than save your business. This can, of course, be hard to gauge, as leaving it too late could be too much of a struggle for your business to cope with. Changing too early could have you leaving your chosen niche only to see that market regain popularity and watch your competitors cashing in on the change.

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