Mattigan Twain Warrior 2022, Everything you need to Know


Mattigan Twain Warrior is an American actress and wrestler who is well-known in both Hollywood and the wrestling world. Her parents are Dana Warrior and James Brian Hellwig.

Because of her wrestling background, Mother Dana Warrior is a well-known figure. She is also a professional modal and muscle builder, among other things. James Brian Hellwig, Mattigan’s father, is a famous wrestler known as “The Ultimate Warrior.” Mattigan has been a kid celebrity since she was born into a renowned household.


Mattigan was born in the United States of America on May 16th, 2002. As a consequence, we may safely estimate Mattigan’s age to be 19 years old. She is eligible to a passport as a United States citizen. She only has one sibling. Her sister’s name is Indiana Marin, and she goes by the moniker Warrior. Mattigan has a net worth of almost $300,000, according to our detailed study. Her source of income, on the other hand, remains unknown.

mattigan twain warrior

At-Home Life

According to the rumors, Mattigan is engaged to her long-term companion. She, on the other hand, stepped out in the open and rejected the allegations in the media. When asked about her personal life, she confronted the subject head-on, declaring herself a proud single lady. As seen by their high school diplomas and college transcripts, both Mattigan and Indiana excelled academically in college.

They were frequently spotted with their parents at concerts, sporting events, and celebrations. They like shopping and keeping up with the newest news. She may one day follow in her parents’ footsteps and pursue a career as a wrestler.

mattigan twain warrior


Mattigan is a popular celebrity with blonde hair. Her weight and height, on the other hand, remain a well guarded secret. Her photographs and films, on the other hand, are openly available, allowing anybody to have an idea of how she will seem. Her eyes have a deep brown tone.


Mattigan’s mother and father both have professional wrestling history and have worked for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). Father James Hellwing died in 2014, and two of his most well-known ring identities were The Warrior and The Ultimate Warrior. Mattigan is now residing with her mother. Dana’s mother has also won several wrestling titles. She also runs a bodybuilding academy for individuals who want to learn more about the sport.


The Internet and Social Media

Mattigan has accounts on social media, but he doesn’t utilize them. We were unable to access any of them due to the fact that they are all private. Despite this, she has a sizable fan base since she is such a lovely and lovable teen. Instagram and other social media sites are popular among Indians.

mattigan twain warrior



On the year 2000, the WWE sued their adorable and happy family for utilizing the surname “Warrior” in their merchandise. Family, on the other hand, triumphed in a court of law in their favor. Other than this, Mattigan has never been involved in a disagreement. Despite her celebrity, she avoids them at all times. Mattigan has kept a modest profile throughout his career. As a result, she lacks self-assurance.

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