Microsoft Word: Watermark Removal Instructions


Do you want to remove a watermark from a Microsoft Word document that you already have? If this is the case, you have two options for removing watermarks in Microsoft Word. We’ll demonstrate both.

In Word, use the Watermark Menu to remove a watermark.

The Watermark option is one approach to removing a watermark from a Microsoft Word document. According to HowtoGeek, you can also use this menu to apply a watermark to your documents.

To begin, open Microsoft Word and open the document that has the watermark. Click the Design tab on the ribbon at the top of the Word screen.

Select Watermark in the Page Background section of the Design tab. If you’re using Windows, select Remove Watermark from the Watermark menu.

If you’re using a Mac, select No Watermark at the top of the Insert Watermark box. The watermark will be removed from your document by Word. If you want to re-add a watermark to your document, it’s extremely simple to do so.

In Word, you may remove a watermark by editing the header.

In Word, you may also remove a watermark by altering the header or footer. According to LifeWire, when you do this, your watermark becomes customizable and removable.

Open your document in Microsoft Word to apply this procedure. Click the “Insert” tab on Word’s ribbon at the top. Click Header in the Header & Footer section of the Insert tab. If you desire, you may also utilize the Footer option.

Click Edit Header at the bottom of the menu that appears. The header of your document is now customizable, allowing you to add a watermark. Select the watermark in your document that you wish to delete and click it.

Press the Delete key on your keyboard while your watermark is chosen. The specified watermark will be removed by Word. That’s everything there is to it.

You may now either add a new watermark to your document or keep the backdrop blank. It’s all up to you.

Using Google Docs to Add Watermarks

Adding a watermark to your document will help you customize it and identify it as yours. Unfortunately, Google Docs does not have a built-in means to do this, but according to WonderShare, there is a workaround you may attempt instead.

You may use Microsoft Word and add watermarks to Word documents instead if you want a built-in solution to add watermarks to your papers.

You can use Google Drawings to create charts, graphs, and basic graphics that may be used in other Google products. To begin, make a new Google Drawings sketch.

If you want to use a logo or another image as your watermark, go to the menu bar and select “Image” or hit Insert an Image instead.


To upload a picture from your computer, select “Upload From Computer.”

You may also add photographs from your Google Drive or Google Photos storage, the web, or by utilizing the built-in Google image search. To continue, choose one of these alternatives.

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