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Mike Tomlin is the Pittsburgh Steelers head coach. Until 2007, when he became the head coach, he performed various tasks for the team. This player was instrumental in the Steelers’ Super Bowl victory in 2009. The Steelers have appeared in two Super Bowls but have only won one. Take a look at Mike Tomlin’s home below.

Over roughly 10,000 square feet, the mansion features four bedrooms and five bathrooms. The house was erected in 1908 and is quite historic. It is located just east of Pittsburgh’s downtown area. The home has a lovely patio with a view of the area, a multi-car garage, and even many chimneys.

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The area in which the house is located appears to be quite tranquil and serene. It appears to be a pleasant Pittsburgh neighborhood. I adore how adorable the houses are, and how each one has its own tale to tell. Chatman University is also within walking distance of the residence. Because it is so close to the school, the house almost feels like it is a part of it.

Mike Tomlin House Specifications

4 bedrooms

5 bathrooms

9,193 sq. ft. of living space

The cost is $2.6 million.

1224 Shady Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15232, Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin has a net worth of $20 million dollars.

Mike Tomlin’s House (photos)

Mike Tomlin House

Mike Tomlin House

Mostly Asked Frequently Questions

What is Mike Tomlin’s salary?

Mike Tomlin, head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers, earns $8 million each year.

How can I get in touch with Mike Tomlin?

To hire Mike Tomlin for a keynote speech, virtual meetings, corporate appearances, grand openings, product announcements, moderated Q&As, or an exclusive meet and greet, call AthleteSpeakers immediately at 800-916-6008.

Mike Tomlin, did you ever play in the NFL?

Mike Tomlin did play football, albeit he never made it to the National Football League. Tomlin, a Virginia native, played wide receiver for Denbigh High School before going on to the College of William & Mary. He was named to the second team All-Yankee Conference in 1994.

Mike Tomlin was employed by whom?

The Pittsburgh Steelers hired Mike Tomlin to take over as head coach after Bill Cowher departed after the 2016 season. Pittsburgh won the Lombardi Trophy twice and lost a third Super Bowl game by 2010, after promptly delivering a 10-win season.

When did Mike Tomlin get married?

Mike married Kiya Winston, a fashion designer, in 1996, right after graduation. Tomlin met his now-wife, Kiya, while studying at The College of William & Mary.



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