August 2022 Info! Scrolling Text Time Waster


This article includes information on the entertaining online pastime known as Scrolling Text Time Waster to inform readers.

Do you fatigue easily from your busy daily schedule? Do you wish to fill your free time with some hipster activities? Some things, nevertheless, are only for amusement. Additionally, it could tempt kids. Many visitors all around the world frequently explore the web for amusing and original activities. Only some of them can make you chuckle or discover something strange, while others are logical. Therefore, let’s look at some information about Scrolling Text Time Waster in the post below.

What is Patorjk’s scrolling time waster?

Patorjk is an online platform that offers a variety of activities to help users pass the time while having fun and earning some valuable items. Patorjk introduced one such pastime, the Scrolling Time Waster Webpage. When you scroll down, the text changes colors and forms and moves in a new way.

At the very end of the webpage that scrolls, you may browse and look for a vacant field. Any text may be entered in the field, then you can hit the Again! Again! Say! tab. You may watch your typed text scrolling, changing colors, moving, changing size, and changing the design in the Scroll Text Time Waster as a consequence. For people who wish to relax and have fun online, it is a humorous hobby.


  • The Patorjk domain was registered on January 26, 1999. Its domain name,, is 23 years and 66 days old.
  • Trust score of Patorjk is 100
  • Patorjk’s rank in rankings is 62.6/100. This ranking is regarded as favorable.
  • Social Media Profiles – Twitter, Flickr, Blog, and Github

The website has gained popularity and a trust rating.

Scrolling Text EU Te Amo Para Copiar:

You may also enter messages in Spanish using Scrolling Text Time Waster, such as “Te Amo,” which means “I Love You.” As a result, a few people will be happy when they enter Te Amo since it will begin changing colours and moving from left to right and in between.

Additional information about Patorjk:

In addition, Patorjk provides a number of games, with Scrolling Text Time Waster being the most popular one. These games include Snake, Slider, Puzzles, 179 Ways to Annoy People, and Arial ASCII Art. Additionally, it has a variety of visualisations, including those for computer science salaries, space dust, a nutrition calculator, and Game of Thrones character appearance. Users frequently engage in its Scrolling Text I Love You Too pastime.

On its official website, Patorjk offers the following applications:

  • Years Watched on YouTube
  • Social Media Battle
  • Testing Your Typing Speed Text to ASCII Art Maker
  • Color Fader Text
  • Vintage gaming filters
  • Analyzer for Keyboard Layouts
  • Generators of gradient images, etc.


A 23-year-old internet platform called Patorjk has a tonne of games, applications, miscellaneous content, and visualisations. Patorjk has been in use by many users for a long time and has gotten positive evaluations. Its distinctive activities, such as the Scrolling Text Time Waster activity, are always attended by a large number of users.


About Patorjk’s Scrolling activities, read more here. Have you completed the Time Waster activity’s Scroll the Text? In the comment section, share your experience.

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