PDF Tools You Can Use to Make Flawless Files


You’ve likely heard the term PDF thrown around in conversation. Many people use it to mean a document that’s been scanned or converted into a digital file, but it’s actually an acronym for “Portable Document Format.” PDFs are extremely popular because they’re very easy to create and share. Although there are many different ways to edit them with the help of PDF editor, here are some of informative tips:

Sign documents

Signing a PDF file is one of the simplest ways to verify its authenticity. If you’re using a digital signature service, like DocuSign, or have created your own digital signature, signing a document will create a time-stamped version that can be verified later. This makes it harder for anyone to tamper with the file after it was signed since they would have to break through all of your security measures to do so.

Convert PDF to and from other formats

PDF files are great for sharing documents, but sometimes you need to be able to edit the content or change it into another format for use in a different program. For example, you’ve probably heard about Adobe Acrobat, a powerful tool for converting PDFs into Word documents or Excel spreadsheets.

Merge or split PDF files

You can merge multiple PDF documents into a single file, or you can split a large document into several smaller files. You may want to do this if you have several individual contracts in one large PDF document and need to send them to different people.

Add watermarks to your documents

Watermarking is a way to protect your work. It’s an invisible overlay on the document that’s only visible when you make it visible. You can use watermarks for many things, like adding branding or copyright notices and keeping track of who sees what version of a file.

The main thing you want to pay attention to with watermarks is placement—the text should be placed over important parts of the document so it doesn’t cover up any information you’d want someone else to see upon opening the PDF.

Professionals like Adobe Acrobat, “Free PDF editor tools let you add comments to documents when you sign in.”

Highlight or annotate a PDF file

Highlight text: You can highlight text in a PDF file, so it stands out, making it easier to read. To do this, simply select the text you want to highlight and click on the Highlight icon that appears at the top of your screen (it looks like a yellow highlighter).

Insert notes: You can also make notes on your PDF files by clicking on the Note icon that appears at the top of your screen (it looks like a red pen). This will open up a new note window where you can type whatever comments or explanations you want to add about the document’s contents.

Protect your files with passwords

Password protection is an essential tool for securing sensitive information, whether it be a PDF file or not. For example, if you have had a PDF file open to the public and have realized that it contains sensitive data, you may want to add password protection from the time the document was first created.

You can use PDF files in your everyday life, whether it’s signing documents or looking through a report that you need to edit in Microsoft Word. There are many ways to use them, and this article must have helped you think about how you could use them too!

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