Ramneek Sidhu: In Digital Marketing, We’re Sharing Our Ideas for Change.


There isn’t a single person alive who hasn’t failed at something. You must fail in order to develop. Failure serves as a natural milestone on your journey, allowing you to assess your previous behavioural choices and make adjustments. While you fail, you have the opportunity to reflect on your decisions and behaviours, just like an athlete does between games when reviewing video footage. Examining the decisions and behaviours that led to your failure is a priceless exercise.

Every day, we witness altering trends rapidly progressing to locations that are practically difficult to achieve and serve as the ultimate illustration of perfection. Almost half of the digital marketing populace has been found to remain in their comfort zones, unwilling to take on the risks that are expected of them.

Ramneek Sidhu, a 26-year-old digital marketing professional, is driven by a different kind of enthusiasm. As a result of his observations, he has come to the opinion that the digital media industry is mostly uninspired and is on the verge of falling behind, employing strategies similar to those used in traditional marketing. However, Sidhu argues that this pattern should be repeated over time because the sector of digital marketing is stagnating in terms of growth and originality.

Ramneek Sidhu, an enthusiastic follower of evolving marketing trends and with tests he was able to conduct over the years in his digital marketing tactics, was able to establish a firm purely by his hard work in the UAE in 2016. Digital Kings was his company’s name, and it went on to become one of the top five digital marketing consultants in the UAE. Many of life’s most significant accomplishments need stepping beyond of one’s comfort zone. Taking chances may lead to some of life’s most gratifying experiences, whether it’s overcoming nervousness to perform onstage, spending money to help your business expand, or putting yourself out there for the opportunity to discover love. With this assurance, he stands by his assertion that, in order to succeed in digital marketing, one must constantly be prepared to take chances and experiment.

Ramneek Sidhu, concerned about marketing methods, offers his strong ideas on the need for reform. “We live in a period where technological marketing advances at a breakneck pace, and customer interests and behaviours are difficult to foresee,” he adds. Marketers can no longer bury their heads in the sand and assume that informed estimates and tried-and-true strategies would continue to work indefinitely.”

Through his marketing job, he has been able to figure out the newest technology improvements over the years. He believes that artificial intelligence (AI) is beginning to have an impact on the commercial world. It will undoubtedly be at the centre of global commerce and industry in the future, and it is already displacing many routine tasks. “AI can evaluate consumer behaviour and search trends, as well as leverage data from social media platforms and blog postings to help businesses better understand how customers locate their products and services,” he continues.

Education And Career Of Ramneek

He studied BTech of Computer Science at Rayat and Bahra Group of Institutes, according to his LinkedIn page.

Between 2013 until 2016, he worked as the Head of Digital at another company before deciding to launch his own firm.

According to his profile, Ramneek created Digital Kings in June 2016.

He is now trending due to the attention he has received as a result of multiple YouTube videos detailing his profession and personal life.


On Instagram, Follow Ramneek.

On his own Instagram, Ramneek has 303k followers, therefore it’s no surprise that his name has gone viral.

According to his LinkedIn page, he spends most of his time in Dubai but travels to South Korea and Russia for other reasons.

He may be found on Twitter as @ramneeksidhu01.

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