Romeo Santos Net Worth 2022- Everything you need to know


Anthony Santos, better known by his stage name Romeo Santos, is an actor, record producer, composer, and singer from the United States. He’s also a lead singer for Aventura and bachata. In 2002, his song Obsession achieved number one in Italy. He is a well-known Latin performer who is also known as the king of the bachata genre.

Romeo Santos’ net worth is expected to be $45 million in 2022.

Romeo Santos Net Worth

Early Years of Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos was born in the Bronx, New York City, in 1981. His father is Dominican, while his mother is Puerto Rican. His father worked as a constructor for a building company, while his mother was a stay-at-home mother who looked after the family. At an early age, Romeo Santos began his career as a church singer.

Music Career of Romeo Santos

In 1999, Aventura launched his debut album in the hopes of shattering bachata records. In other countries, such as France, Italy, and Germany, his song obsession was a huge hit. Por UN Segundo, Los Infieles, Cuando Volveras, EI Perdedor, and many others are among his best-known albums.

In 2009, the Aventura group performed in the White House for US President Barack Obama. In 2011, the Aventura group was split apart. Furthermore, the band has changed its name to group Aventura after signing a deal with the premium label. Romeo Santos was instrumental in Aventura’s huge success. Later in 2011, he opted to pursue a solo career.

Net worth $45 million
Profession Singer, Songwriter, Recorder producer, Composer, Actor
Kids 2
Birthday 1981, 21 July
Age 39 years
Height 1.85 m
Nationality American

Discography of Romeo Santos

Romeo Santos has four studio albums and a live CD under his belt. Vol. 1, formula, Vol. 2, golden, and utopia are their titles. The best-selling album of the year was Vol.2. All aboard, rival, la Diabla, mi santa, lievame contigo, eres mia, heroe favorito, imitadora, beautiful y sensual, and many others are among his single albums.

Wife and children of Romeo Santos

He is a father of two children. Santos might be engaged or married to a woman who afterwards became his wife. He had a brief relationship with Samantha Medina. He married Samantha, according to several reports. However, there is no evidence of their marriage.

Alex Damian is the name of his kid. In 2019, he was gifted with another son. He continues to develop as a parent and cares for his two children alone or with the assistance of his wife-like partner. In the media, he avoids discussing his personal life and relationship. He is engaged, according to the news story, and he exhibited a photo of the bachata singer, but her name was not mentioned.


Siblings of Romeo Santos

He began his career singing in church with his cousin, brother Max Santos; he is now a guitarist and music rapper, Lenny Santos is a composer and entrepreneur, and Henry Santos is a bachata singer and songwriter. His sister, Laura Santos, is the originator of core inspiration.

The Residence Of Romeo Santos

He resides in The Bronx, New York City, with his two children.

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