Sean Matthew Landon A short Biography


Sean Matthew Landon is a well-known child star. He has nine siblings and was born in 1986. Michael Landon is his father’s name, and Cindy Landon is his mother’s name. Eli Maurice Orowitz and Peggy O’Neill are his grandparents’ names. Austin Landon, Justin Michael Matthews, Joseph Matthews, and Beau Landon Morris are Sean Matthew Landon’s nephews. Evelyn Landon is his aunt’s name. Sean Matthew Landon is the youngest child of Michael Landon. Sean was raised in Malibu and has a good bond with his family.

Sean Matthew’s home is located in Malibu and was constructed by his parents. Michael and Cindy reared both of their children and lived in Malibu’s mansion until Michael died. Sean Michael and Cindy refurbished the house after Michael’s death. Sean’s father died when he was four years old. There isn’t much information known on Sean’s schooling. Sean has a background in real estate. He is currently a well-known realtor, with exceptional knowledge and skill in residential real estate.

Sean Matthew Landon’s Astrological Sign

There is no information on Sean Matthew Landon’s precise date of birth. The only thing we know about him is that he was born in 1986. As a result, we are unable to determine his zodiac sign.

Sean’s bio Mother of Matthew Landon

Cindy Landon is Sean Matthew’s mother’s name. She’s a well-known producer in the United States.. She rose to prominence as the late Michael Landon’s wife. Cindy started off as a cosmetics artist. In 1991, she appeared in the documentary Michael Landon: Memories with Laughter and Love. In 1996, Cindy dabbled in filmmaking. Cindy’s most well-known works are After Kony: Staging Hope, Sanctuary, The Game Changers, and others. She also appeared in films such as 2004’s “The Last Shot.” She appeared in documentaries such as Unity and The Eyes of Thailand, among others. Cindy is 64 years old and has a net worth of $1.5 million dollars.

Sean’s bio The Father of Matthew Landon

Michael Landon, Sean’s father, was a well-known director and actor. He died in 1991, having been born on October 31, 1936. He died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 54. He has been battling this condition for a long time. In the television industry, his most well-known works are “Highway to Heaven,” “Bonanza,” and others. He starred in films including “Love is Forever,” “I Was a Teenage Werewolf,” and others. Michael made a total of 22 appearances on the cover of TV Guide. On the set of Little House on the Prairie, he met Cindy, who was a star makeup artist at the time. In 1986, Michael and Cindy married. Their children are Jennifer Rachel Landon and Sean Matthew Landon.


Sean’s family members show him a lot of love.

Sean’s father, Michael, died when he was just four years old. Despite the brief time they had together, he showed Sean a lot of affection. Sean has a close relationship with his mother, sister, and other family members. He is now a well-known Realtor in the United States. His company is booming, and he has set sales records. Sean has also won the “Rookie of the Year” title.

Sean Matthew Landon


Sean is a well-known celebrity child who is pursuing a career in residential real estate.

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