Sky3ds+ Ultimate Review for 3DS Rom Playing


The orange Sky3ds+ flash card is compatible with all Nintendo 3DS devices, including the 2DS and New 3DS variants. You may play a list of backups with a flash card like this Sky3DS+, so you don’t have to switch between games all the time.

The Sky3DS + may also be used in conjunction with homebrew to play games from various regions, for example. We used to have the Sky3ds blue button card, but with the advent of the second generation Sky3ds+, we now have a lot of enhancements. Let’s take a look at what we’ve got.


All Nintendo 3DS games may be played with the Sky3DS+. There are two other Sky3DS models available: one with a red button and the other with a blue button. The red button was extremely basic, allowing just 10 games, however the Sky3DS Blue increased that restriction to about 40 games. Due to additional security measures, games released in the second half of 2015 did not work on the old Sky3DS Red and Blue flash cards.

The Sky3DS+ is the ultimate solution: the new card supports all 3DS games and can therefore easily play games such as The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes or Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer.

There are also a slew of additional visible enhancements. The Sky3DS+, for example, has two physical buttons to make switching between games easier. The Sky3DS+ emulates a standard 3DS cartridge, and switching between games is accomplished via the two physical buttons rather than a menu.

You’ll also see that the Sky3DS+ features a MicroUSB connector, which can be used to update the device’s software as well as function as a card reader. The Sky3DS+ is a “futureproof” flash card since the firmware may be updated at any time.

What can you accomplish with the Sky3DS+ in summary?

On the Sky3DS Plus cartridge, you can play back 3DS game backups through a MicroSD card.

RegionFour allows you to play games from different regions (requires homebrew)

Use the internet to your advantage.

Works on any 3DS, and you may use the most recent 3DS software.

Updateable through the internet, it plays the latest 3DS games including Happy Home Designer and Tri Force Heroes.

Content and packaging

The retailer has done an excellent job of protecting the Sky3DS+. The card is packaged in a plain cardboard envelope with a plastic cover. A short MicroUSB cable is also included in the box. The packaging is embellished with a variety of well-known spacecraft on the front and back, but the Sky3DS+ is what actually matters.

At first appearance, the Sky3DS+ appears to be a standard 3DS cartridge, and the build quality is decent. Both the USB input and the MicroSD card slot are securely bonded to the card, making it seem substantial and durable.

You may order a MicroSD card if you don’t already have one. The majority of formats are supported, however 32 GB is more than enough for most games.

The two orange buttons are located at the bottom of the page. The Sky3DS+ lacks a graphical interface that allows you to select from your many games; instead, you must “scroll” using the built-in buttons. That may sound inconvenient, but it’s also why the Sky3DS+ works so well: by simulating a standard 3DS cartridge, the Sky3DS + card can function with any Nintendo 3DS software version.


The setup of the Sky3DS + has been substantially simplified as compared to prior versions of the Sky3DS. First and foremost, your MicroSD card must be formatted in FAT32 or exFat; other file types will not work.

Furthermore, roms on a Sky3DS+ work just like “actual” cartridges, including game saves and the ability to play games online. Although playing online is feasible “out of the box,” it is advisable to utilize your own online header: a type of unique code that Nintendo uses to verify that you are the true owner of the game in question.

The 3DS games may be downloaded as ROMS via the internet. After formatting the SD card, just download the Sky3DS+ firmware from the official website and install it on the SD card. You may then store your selected games as ROMs on your SD card and, of course, transfer game saves as well.


Now that we’ve covered the device’s features and capabilities, let’s look at the Sky3DS+ card. What games does the Sky3DS Plus support? All games that have ever been released on the Nintendo 3DS are playable. Newer titles with enhanced security features, such as Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, Monster Hunter X, and TLOZ: Tri Force Heroes, are also playable. It’ll probably always be that way, owing to the upgradable firmware. All games operate properly and as they should since the Sky3DS+ can perfectly simulate a 3DS cartridge.

The two buttons also function much quicker than the blue button on the previous edition of the Sky3DS. Whereas the Sky3DS Blue required three seconds to navigate between games, the Sky3DS+ frequently does it in half the time. The two buttons make navigation much easier, and you may pick the order in which the games show on your 3DS. When the card is ready to switch games, a convenient LED light illuminates.

We tested the Sky3DS Plus with a New Nintendo 2DS XL running the latest firmware (version 11.10) at the time of writing. Is it possible to get a different 3DS model or firmware? The Sky3DS+ flash card is compatible with all 3DS consoles and firmware.

Where can I get it?

You may get them from reputable European resellers such as, which caters to Italian clients, and, which caters to Spanish users. They’re both safe places to buy Sky3ds+ cards because they accept EU delivery, don’t charge tax, and accept PayPal payments.



The Sky3DS Plus is a significant upgrade over its predecessor, the Sky3DS Blue. The Sky3DS+ is without a doubt the most powerful 3DS flash card on the market, thanks to the ability to play the newest games, future firmware upgrades, quicker operation with two buttons, and a much more user-friendly manner of loading games onto the flash card.

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