Every Style and Budget: The Best 10 Apple Watch Bands


Best 10 Apple Watch

Apple Watch bands may be the most important accessory for those of us who choose to wear a little computer on our wrists every day. While the watch itself is the center of attention (and properly so; it’s an incredible piece of technology), the perfect band will make the watch more comfortable, utilitarian, and stylish. To put it another way, a decent band is required.

Fortunately, there are several choices to fit every taste and budget. We’ve compiled a list of our best Apple Watch bands available right now.

Why should you have faith in us?

I’ve been assessing Apple products since 2011, including since 2014 at Wirecutter. This category covers every Apple Watch model released since its debut, as well as iPhones, iPads, and other devices.

Who is this for?

The majority of individuals do not require a smartwatch. Smartwatches, on the other hand, have evolved through time to become more practical and are no longer just expensive toys for early adopters. A smartwatch isn’t a little smartphone; it can’t do everything as well as or even at all in certain circumstances, and its utility is highly dependent on the functions you utilize. If you’re going to buy a wristwatch to go with your iPhone, the Apple Watch is the way to go. We’ve tested most of the other iPhone-compatible smartwatches and found them to be too limiting. There are fewer applications available for Android watches, and their connections aren’t as beneficial as those between the Apple Watch and iPhone.

An Apple Watch may be right for you if you’re searching for something that decreases the amount of time you spend staring at your phone, offers quick access to relevant information, and allows you to conduct some things that you’d otherwise have to do with your iPhone. You can use an Apple Watch to avoid missing important calls, pay for items at select places, display your boarding card at the airport, control smart lighting, receive directions, ping the iPhone you left under a pillow, and even check the time.

There’s a new option called Family Setup if you’re thinking about getting an Apple Watch for a child or a family member who doesn’t have an iPhone. It’s only available on Series 4 and subsequent Apple Watch models (including the SE), and only the cellular versions—which means you’ll have to spend at least $330 on your Apple Watch. Only a hand-me-down makes sense for most individuals when it comes to Family Setup. You can block applications and contacts, select a Schooltime mode for reduced distractions, and check in on the wearer’s whereabouts if you do use it.

The Apple Watch is a good activity tracker, but if all you want is to track your fitness, there are far less costly gadgets that can record your jogging, cycling, steps, and heart rate. If you want something dedicated to running with tactile buttons, more exact heart-rate monitoring, and GPS tracking, upgrade to a GPS running watch and maybe a chest-mounted heart monitor. a more general-purpose smartwatch may not be for you.

Apple Watch Bands at Their Finest

1. Solo Apple Loop

If you’re searching for a basic Apple Watch band, the old classic from the watchmaker itself is still a good choice. The silicone rubber is easy to clean, available in about every hue of the rainbow, and isn’t too cluttered. One caveat: It isn’t adjustable, so use Apple’s sizing chart to choose the right band for your wrist.

2. CasterTroy’s Narrow Silicone Sports Band

This band is a great alternative to Apple’s silicone band if it’s too big for you. During a sweaty exercise or run, the silicone material won’t become soggy, and it’s adjustable for a custom fit.

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3. Apple Watch Nike Sport Band

As you’d expect from a Nike/Apple collaboration, this band is tough and designed to withstand a lot of heat, perspiration, and exertion. The cuts give the band a sleek, high-tech look while keeping it light and airy.

4. The Titanium Nomads

This bracelet is a step up from your standard stainless steel bracelet. It’s composed of titanium, which makes it lighter and incredibly robust, and it’s DLC coated to prevent scratches. It also includes a magnetic clasp, which is a good upgrade from typical metal watch bands’ basic folding clasp. Do you believe you do not require titanium? A stainless steel variant is also available.

5. Twist-O-Flex Band by Speidel

Despite the fact that the original Speidel Twist-O-Flex was released in the late 1950s, it looks quite at home with an Apple Watch. This stainless steel bracelet flexes and stretches like an elastic band, but with the strength and elegance of a metal band. The Twist-O-Flex was a big hit in the 1950s, and it’s still a good choice now.

6. INI Leather Strap with Enhanced Adjustability

Magnets keep this Apple Watch band in place, and the hundreds of locking grooves allow for a wide range of sizes to fit any wrist. It’s easy to put on and take off, and the functional design offers it a unique look.

7. Bellroy Watch Strap

This Bellroy strap combines a contemporary design with the classic style (and pleasant feel) of leather, and the standard clasp makes it simple to adjust. It’s also available in a range of colors to match any ensemble.

8. Zurich’s BandWerk

Handwerk, a German designer, is credited with inventing luxurious Apple Watch bands that convert your watch into a stylish accessory. The Zurich strap is made of stitched, slightly textured ostrich leather and comes with a complementary Milanese sports strap that’s perfect for workouts and swimming.

9. SDVL Elastic Braided Apple Watch Band

This band is simple in every way. Thanks to its lightweight breathability and flexible elastic-nylon fabric, it’s simple to slip on, easy to look good in, and easy to wear. It’s also available in a range of colors and patterns.


10. SIRUIBO Stretchy Nylon Solo Loop Band

This SIRUIBO band is a terrific choice if you’re looking for an Apple Watch band with a decent combination of suppleness and adaptability. The elasticized nylon fabric is stretchy and won’t bind your wrist, and the completely adjustable strap offers a secure fit.


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