The top 5 wedding videographer hiring suggestions


Your wedding is one of the most significant days of your life, and no one wants to ruin it by hiring an inexperienced cameraman. As a photographer photographs the images of your wedding day; similarly, a videographer records your wedding day with movement and sound encompassing all the fun and delight, but also the tears of pleasure and apprehensive excitement. These are the priceless moments that your wedding videographer will record on your special day. If you value your wedding memories, it makes sense to choose the greatest wedding videographer who complements your wedding day style.

Check out their work

Examine their previous work’s editing; how does it appear and feel, how is the color, are the shoots seamless and fluid? The most important aspect of seeing their wedding movies is that you feel a connection to their work. You should ideally see the diversity of their work. Don’t simply watch the short wedding highlights movies; also view the full-length ones to get a sense of their style.

Google and Facebook reviews

What do other couples think of the videographer? Check out their Google and Facebook reviews pages. If the reviews are shut off, this might be a major red warning; it’s time to keep exploring.


Once you’ve narrowed down the wedding videographers whose work you like, take some time to contact them and ask any further questions you have. Your wedding videographers should respond quickly (typically within 24-48 hours) and be able to answer any queries straight away. If they are hesitant to answer your queries or if you have to wait days and days for a response, this is also a red sign. A competent videographer will ask you questions, be receptive to your thoughts and comments, and show a genuine interest in learning more about your priorities for the big day.

Quality vs budget

Often, the quality of a videographer’s work is determined by his or her expertise. When looking for a wedding videographer, don’t just settle for the lowest option. You get what you pay for in life, and videography is no exception. Bargain basement costs may imply a bargain basement job…and is that really what you want for your wedding?

Photographers who offer video

It’s fairly unusual for some photographers to provide videography as an extra or on the side. Check out some of their wedding movies if you’re searching for someone that does both photography and filming. Most of the time, these edits are quite simple, with minimal smooth movement and low audio quality. You don’t want someone switching and juggling cameras, racing around trying to capture both photos and video, or just leaving a camera on an unattended tripod.

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