Investor Verification Services – Bringing Improvements To The Partnerships


The market is facing an increase in new startups and small companies. These are the ones that need potential investors for their uplift. However, if they lack accurate investor verification services, they are more likely to partner with risk-possessed entities. Similarly, investors are more attracted to companies that provide security and authenticity. If businesses want to uplift their status and generate high revenues, they need to employ Know Your Investor solutions.

Investors in the market look for firms that will provide chances for financial growth. Similarly, businesses should incorporate Know Your Investor services to make sure they are pitching to the right entity. Businesses are more concerned about revenues and financial growth than any other aspect. Therefore, they need accurate investor checks to verify the background and expertise of the entities. Moreover, an improved onboarding process is another add-on for ensuring long-term simultaneous growth. The points businesses need to consider for improving their investor registration process are further discussed in this blog. 

How Online Investor Verification Escorts Advancements to the Onboarding Process?

According to Shufti Pro News, different types of funding impact the companies in distinct ways. However, the business owners term ‘cash flow’ as their topmost priority. This is not possible until the companies incorporate investor verification services. These will enable businesses to pick out their relevant investors with expertise. If the company has goals aligned with the interest of investors, there are increased chances of high revenue generation. In the past decades, businesses have seen a tremendous uplift of over $18 trillion. This was mainly because they chose the right investors for their firms. 

Moreover, the growth process is not one-sided, it involves both the investors as well as the company owners. And for successful and relevant investor onboarding, businesses can improve their process in the following ways:

Tick Out the Manual Onboarding and Incorporate Digital Methods

The world is rapidly evolving and bringing technological advancements and so should the companies. Manual investor authentication services are less likely to provide enough accuracy. Therefore, businesses should incorporate digital methods that will increase the workflow. The plus points are that these services consume less time and resources and in turn, provide accuracy. Here, AI-powered solutions are the companies’ reliable solutions in the following ways:

  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) collects and validates the information in documents provided by the investors. 
  • Verification of E-signatures streamlines the authenticity checks
  • AI-driven solutions verify investors in real-time
  • Biometrics verifies identities by scanning facial features, fingerprints, and other traits

Simplify the Registration by Employing User-friendly Operations

The factors that result in investors’ dropoff include compromised security, repeated information asking, hard-to-follow steps, and lack of transparency. Investors are least interested in the history of the company rather they are more attracted to the benefits it will provide in return. 

Therefore, businesses should employ investor verification online to streamline the partnership and identification process. This way the investors won’t get frustrated and leave the platform in the middle of registration. The AI-powered onboarding solutions take the investor through a step-by-step process. In the first one, the system presents a form on the screen and asks investors to fill in the details. Secondly, it asks for supporting documents as evidence for the identity claim. 

In the third step, the system validates documents by using OCR, detects liveness through biometrics, and verifies identities by using accurate scans. Moreover, these services provide access to global databases that authenticates the verification more. 

Build a Better Communication and Follow-up Process

Lastly, a lack of effective communication will also drive the investors away. Some investors expect the companies to inform them about the changes within the management, goals, or internal policies. Moreover, identity validation, fund transfers, and outcomes are complex procedures. Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to convey these activities within time to the investors. 

Moving on, transparency and effective communication help businesses to timely identify the expectation of the investors. And if they match their goals they can continue the partnership. Know Your Investor regulations also mandates the businesses to build a better relationship with the investors. This is because it will not only uplift the financial status of the host company but also of the overall economy. Hence, maintaining better and time-to-time communication is the key to combating financial losses, downfalls, and halfway investor drop-offs.


In a Nutshell

Investor onboarding has never been easy for businesses. This is because there are so many of them in the market. Even if the owners manage to pick out the potential one, their investor verification services will drive them away. Therefore, businesses need to enhance their Know Your Investor process. For this, they should incorporate encrypted Know Your Investor services. These AI-backed solutions are not prone to human errors which is why they are guaranteed to provide seamless and accurate verification. Hence, Shufti Pro Funding indicates that companies of all types can vest their trust in these services. 

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