Want to Learn How to Tattoo? Use This Guide to Prepare


Becoming a professional artist of any kind takes initiative and commitment. Working in the tattoo industry is an exciting prospect for many creative people since it’s often seen as an environment where real creativity and originality are celebrated. It takes someone with a natural inclination towards working persistently and honing their artistic skills to become a truly impressive tattoo artist. If you are at the start of this journey, this guide will help you to prepare.

Develop Your General Art Skills

Some people are naturally predisposed to be good at drawing and art. Others need to put in the hours before building a basis of confidence and skill. Whichever end you’re at, don’t take for granted the need to be adept at art before moving on to tattoos.

Learn About Tattoo Styles

Understanding the rich history of tattoos and the various cultures where tattooing is a significant feature will give you a much-needed grounding in the art form. Learn how to identify different tattoo styles and techniques, especially if you plan to use these as inspiration for finding your own tattooing style.

Practice on Low-Stakes Surfaces

For first-time tattoo artists, trying to tattoo directly onto the skin is a bad idea. Since the work is permanent, the mistakes most novices make should be free from the responsibility that comes with working on someone’s body. Instead, once you have the right tattoo supplies, practice on fake skin specially designed for this purpose. Wait until your coordination, pressure, and ink application are consistent and controlled before even thinking about turning your hand to real skin. It is also advised not to practice on yourself, even if you think you’ll be more forgiving of mistakes since you committed them yourself.

Talk to Experienced Tattoo Artists

Looking up information about tattooing online is useful, but it can be more vivid and memorable to speak with real-life tattoo artists who work in the industry. They can tell you about how to judge needle depth, which inks to use, and the angles for holding the tattoo machine when working. Ask in advance whether or not you are welcome to quiz the professionals, as it’s unlikely they’ll want to be unexpectedly disturbed by a newcomer asking loads of questions.

Try Your First Real Tattoo

Only after rigorous training and practice should you try your first tattoo on real skin. Some people enjoy being ‘human canvases’ for tattoo artists, even new ones, so make it known that you are looking for a willing participant. You may even find that a friend or family member would appreciate a tattoo by you.

Every tattoo artist’s journey is different. Some artists train their whole lives to make a name for themselves, while others come from different career backgrounds after deciding that tattoo artistry is where their heart lies. Learning how to tattoo requires both mental strength and physical ability. Hopefully, this quick guide has enlightened you about the process of becoming a tattoo artist.

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