What Is Robert Durst net worth In 2022?



Robert Durst has returned to court.

After a lengthy weekend, the 78-year-old real estate heir’s murder trial continued, and he testified.

Durst is charged with the murders of at least three individuals, including his first wife, a lifelong acquaintance, and a neighbor.

Here’s a peek at the businessman’s net worth now that he’s back in court.

Durst comes from a notable and affluent family since he is the son of Seymour Durst, a well-known New York real estate tycoon who also designed the National Debt Clock.

Robert Durst

Robert’s brother Douglas and nephew Jody now head the Durst Organization, the family’s real estate firm. Robert and Douglas Durst are the third generations of Dursts to oversee the company.

According to Forbes, the family is worth $8.1 billion as a total. Tommy and Wendy are his other siblings, as are he and Douglas.

While Robert is likely to have profited from the family business in the past, his share of the company was purchased by his family when he was charged with murder in 2015.

The share was sold for a whopping $65 million.

The family as a whole is well-known in New York City and Philadelphia, where they possess approximately 16 million square feet of real estate, including a 10% ownership in One World Trade Center.

Robert Durst

In the 1980s, he was suspected of murdering his first wife Kathleen McCormick, his friend Susan Berman in 2000, and his neighbor Morris Black when his body parts were discovered in 2001. He was subsequently detained and freed on bond, but he failed to appear in court, resulting in the issuance of an arrest warrant.

Robert was subsequently apprehended while attempting to shoplift. Durst claimed throughout his trial that he and Morris were fighting over a rifle when it accidentally went off and murdered his neighbor. He then admitted to dismembering him and throwing the pieces into Galveston Bay.

Because Morris’ head was never located, Durst was acquitted because there was no forensic evidence to back up his assertions. He is presently on trial for Berman’s murder, although he has stated that he did not kill her.

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