Which Is The Best Location To Stay On The Island Of Malta?


So you’ve chosen to take a vacation to Malta. We adore Malta, and this is an excellent choice! It has a wonderful blend of culture, history, and moderate weather all year. There are several lodging alternatives available at reasonable costs; check below for information on Malta’s top hotel selections and the most budget hotels.

St Julian’s

The greatest place to stay in Malta is St Julian’s. While it may be more expensive than other parts of the island, its central position in east Malta makes it a great base for visiting the island. Starting your day at St Julian’s is a terrific idea.

It has a thriving nightlife scene, a marina with high-end restaurants and bars, and a lengthy promenade with a small beach and live entertainment. There are many casinos in the neighborhood, as well as a major retail center. Some of the most lavish hotels, especially on the luxury side, may be found here. St Julian’s is a popular hangout for young people, and the costs are higher than in other areas. However, the site could not have been more ideal.


Sliema, Malta’s most popular tourist destination, is also a popular choice. Between St Julian’s (Villetta) and St Julian’s is this region. It’s a fantastic location for exploring the east coast. Even though it is very calm, there are numerous things to do in the area. It revolves around a broad promenade lined with restaurants, shops, and yachts. You may also go out to the islands of Comino or Gozo on a lengthier boat journey.

Sliema has a variety of low-cost lodging alternatives, making it a good spot to base oneself while visiting the neighboring towns and shoreline for a week or more. Families will find the site to be cheap. The closest beach, though, is rocky, and you’ll have to go further to enjoy golden beaches.

For those searching for a more economical option, we offer Sliema. It’s also close to a variety of retail and dining establishments. It is still the greatest spot to stay in Malta for many!


This country’s historic capital is well worth a visit. The greatest method to photograph Valletta’s famous Harbour side is via boat. The region is completely encircled by castle walls and terraces. Even entering Valletta through the main gate gives the impression of stepping back in time. Valletta is unlike the other vacation spots we’ve described. Instead, the focus is on exploring and taking in the fantastic food and historical attractions. This is the ideal destination in Malta for a brief cultural getaway.

The capital’s hotels are more luxury and boutique-style than those in neighboring cities, so expect to pay extra for your stay. The tastiest food in Malta may be found in a variety of high-end taverns and restaurants.

Because of its location in the southeast, it is easy to visit the nearby beaches and villages. The public transportation system is really good.


Valletta is the place to visit if you enjoy history and want to immerse yourself in the local culture.

If you’re looking for a premium Malta hotel with a pool, look no further. One of the greatest options is the Number 11 hotel. This hotel offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea as well as a heated pool to cool down in on hot days.

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