The 13 Best Extracurricular Activities for College Students


Participating in extracurricular activities at university can help you build your resume before you go out into the real world. These activities are a great way to meet new people, learn new skills, and pursue other interests.

University is not only about writing papers and reading books. There is always should be time for fun and relaxation. Luckily, for instance, you can turn to mba essay writing service and do other things you enjoy.

This list of extracurricular activities is for everyone, whether you are a freshman at college or a senior in your degree program.

1. Volunteer

Volunteering can be an excellent extracurricular activity. You can volunteer for many organizations and there are many roles that you could play depending on your abilities and interests, such as promotion, fundraising, and event planning. There’s more to volunteering than that.

There are many things to do, from helping at a community center to teaching children to volunteering at animal shelters in the area. Volunteering will show employers that you are caring and kind. It’s also a rewarding activity that will greatly benefit your community.

2. Join the Student Newspaper

Students’ newspapers are a great way for college students to have fun. Even if you don’t want to pursue a career as a journalist you can enhance your writing skills and meet interesting people. You also get cool perks such as free press passes. You will be able to voice your opinion on different newsworthy stories such as sports and features.

Being a student newspaper editor will increase your employability. It will also provide you with valuable experience in this field.

3. Start Your Own Business

You’re likely to be a college student and are always looking for ways to earn extra money.

Starting your business can be a great way to get experience. It also allows you to show potential employers that you are resourceful and take initiative.

4. Get involved in a debate team

This could be the ideal extracurricular activity if you are interested in current affairs, public speaking, and have a passion for current affairs. Joining your school’s debate club will allow you to have meaningful conversations and connect with others who share the same interests as you. You’ll also be able to improve your critical thought, argumentation, and presentation skills which will all benefit your degree.

You will be a valuable asset to any future employer thanks to the transferable skills you have developed from this. You will also find future interviews easy because you are an experienced debater.

5. Apply for an Internship

An internship is the best way to gain practical experience in a particular field. Internships allow you to gain valuable transferable skills and learn about the needs and functions of the organisation. You will also have the chance to grow your network, meet professionals in the industry and possibly get employment after you finish your studies.

Your internship does not have to be related to your degree. You could be a great job candidate if you have broader knowledge than your field of study.

6. Get involved in a cause

A university is a great place for you to pursue your passions. It is a great way to invest your time in causes you believe are important. It could be a political campaign, an activist group, or a charity event.

You can choose how you wish to participate. Participation can be as a volunteer or intern, as well as as a participant.

It is a great way for students to connect with other college students and make new friends. These activities will show employers that you are an active citizen, a taker, and someone who is willing to take responsibility.

7. Part-time job

Not all jobs require you to work in your chosen field. Only a handful of college jobs require special skills. They are a great way to increase your savings and learn a variety of skills.

Many part-time jobs are available, but the most common gigs include bartending in coffee shops, bars, and waiting tables. Tips: Campus jobs usually offer better work conditions, flexible hours, and higher wages.

For future employers, a part-time position at university, no matter what field, will highlight your work ethic, and make you more employable.

8. Sign up for a sports team

It doesn’t matter what your skill level is, it is a good idea to join a team. You can increase your fitness and learn something new.

Many sports clubs can be divided into different levels so even if you don’t want to compete at university, it is possible to train with a team casually. This is a great way to make strong connections with people from other courses and have some fun.

You’ll be able to show off your leadership and teamwork skills as a part of a team sports team. This might be a great way to start conversations with potential employers, especially if you were the goalie on their college’s lacrosse teams!

9. Join a Dance Society

You don’t have to be a fan of sports, but if you still want to exercise, why not join a dancing society?

It doesn’t take much to become a good dancer. Even for those with two left feet, dancing is a great way to meet new people or burn calories. Dancing can also be great for stress relief, especially during exams.

If you are looking for a job after college, dancing on your resume will highlight that you have many interests. Potential employers might be impressed by your academic achievements as well as your samba skills.

10. Join an Arts Society

The arts are diverse and vast. The arts include everything from dance concerts, marching bands, singing groups, and pottery classes. There are many options for creative people or those who just want to learn new things.

This is a great way for you to get experience and improve your skills if you are interested in a career as an artist. Even if it’s a side project, your involvement in arts will show your creativity and demonstrate that you are multi-talented.

11. Participate in Student Governance

Joining student governance is a great way to make the most of your university time.

There are many roles that you can take on depending on your interests and goals. You could, for example, be an academic representative in your department or a member on the student council. You will have an impact on important topics at your university and the future of your education. Your input can also influence other students’ experiences. You will also have the opportunity to learn essential leadership skills.

Employers love people who are proactive and diligent. Your active participation in student politics could help you get a job in the field you choose.

12. Join a Culture Society

Today, hundreds of nationalities are represented on every university campus. It is common for international students to join societies that represent their homeland.

If you feel a bit homesick, this is a great way for you to keep in touch with the traditions of your country and to connect with others who are in the same boat. These groups don’t have to be exclusive. You can also join other people to learn about the culture of a country and meet new people.

13. Travel

Extracurricular activities do not necessarily have to be clubs and societies. Perhaps you find that traveling is the best way for you to spend your time if none of these suggestions appeal to your interests.

Although it is more time consuming than usual, traveling has many benefits and can be a lot of fun.

This is a common saying, but I will repeat it: University is the best time to travel. There are very few obligations in your life that will stop you from packing up and heading off to another continent. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive.

Even if you only visit local areas, there will still be something to learn. Top employers value a candidate’s ability to see the world from a different perspective and sense of adventure.

Your time at university will end in a flash, so make sure you get the most of it. While your degree is likely to be the most important thing in your life, it’s not the only thing you need. You should also fill your time with coursework and late-night library visits.


You can maximize your time at university by taking on extracurricular activities. This will help you make new friends, learn new skills, and build new friendships. It will enrich your university experience and be an asset in the future. This knowledge can be a great asset for your life after school.

Are there any extracurricular activities you can think of that would be great for college students. Please share your views and suggestions in the comments section below.

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