Distance Runners’ Strength Training: A Core and Lower Body Conditioning Program


Whether you’re training for your first marathon or simply want to improve your track speed, you’ll need a robust strength and conditioning program to keep progressing. However, determining the correct routine—and striking the right balance between lifting, recuperating, and running kilometers each day—can be challenging.

That’s why Men’s Fitness and Timex partnered with Cody Harter, a professional strength and conditioning trainer, running coach, and competitive athlete, to help him complete a half-marathon. We meet up with Harter in New York City in this video to get a sneak peek at the workouts he employs in his personal training.

A sneak peek at Cody Harter’s exercise regimen

1. Front Squat 

Sets: 4
Reps: 10

2. Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift 

Sets: 4Reps: 10

3. Elevated Reverse Lunge

Sets: 4Reps: 10

4. Crunch variations

The day-to-day schedule

Monday: Recover

Tuesday: Lift/Run

Wednesday: Lift/Run

Thursday: Lift/Run

Friday: Recover

Saturday: Run

Sunday: Run

Go to mensfitness.com/codyharter for the complete program and routines Cody utilized to prepare for his race.


Cody Harter runs Harter Strength & Conditioning in Brookline, Massachusetts. Visit harterstrength.com or follow him on Instagram for additional information and photographs about his training.

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