How Alex Hormozi grew many businesses to over $100 million In Revenue


Scaling sales is what businesses are all about. However, this procedure is usually fraught with difficulties. Building effective leadership and retaining customers and employees is still a difficult endeavor. Many businesses struggle to stay afloat, but for Alex Hormozi, these difficult times have been some of his most rewarding.

Alex Hormozi is an entrepreneur and businessman from the United States who created Gym Launch in 2017. In 2019, he extended his portfolio by starting a competing company (Prestige Labs) that drew on his existing customer base to scale quickly. Alex is also the creator of A.L.A.N, a firm that assists lead generation companies and marketers in increasing sales and profitability while growing. Alex traveled across the nation to create a gym business. Through lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, fulfillment, and retention, His Gym helps gym owners recruit, service, and keep clients.

The Keys to Scaling Up

Alex grew four businesses to total revenue of $100 million in four distinct industries: software, service, e-commerce, and brick and mortar. Without relying on outside funding, this feat was accomplished in less than four years. He is well regarded as a monetization and acquisition guru. But what makes Alex the best at what he does?

Providing high-quality services and attentive customer service

Offering clients professional services can help you grow. The way you handle a customer influences whether or not they will return to you for assistance. When Alex and Leila met, they started going from gym to gym, assisting owners in building long-term companies. As a consequence, Gym Launch has grown to a revenue of over $24 million per year without the need for outside funding. Gym Launch had worked with over 3200 gyms, providing them with high-quality professional services. Gym owners have already become billionaires as a result of the introduction.


Did you know that reinvesting in your business is an excellent method to spend your profits? This is always a smart business decision since it keeps your company functioning and allows it to develop larger and stronger. Alex re-invested his whole fortune in another firm that served the same clients: Prestige Labs, which started off as a supplement company.

Examine your market and competitors, then seize the opportunities.

Your market and competitors can influence how and if you scale. Alex was buying up gyms and deploying his techniques to scale when everyone else was going out of business. Other gym owners began approaching him to ask how he managed to stay afloat, and he saw an opportunity to help others by sharing all he had learned from his experience. Gym Launch took off quickly as a result of this procedure.


You can’t scale by yourself; you’ll need help.

It takes time for a company to grow. It would be beneficial if you had the dedication, thorough preparation, and, most importantly, collaboration. A team of experts is required to expand a firm since no single individual possesses all of the necessary talents. It might be challenging to assemble the ideal team devoted to a same goal of scaling, but you must do so in order to succeed. Alex built a team of almost 40 people at Gym Launch. He’s also led teams of up to 140 people while starting three businesses from the ground up.

Alex isn’t content with his achievements on his own. He also gives away a portion of his money. For example, he has given more than $1 million to After School All-Stars, a youth and education foundation. In this way, he has also made a name for himself. He is the 2CCC ClickFunnels Award winner. For contributing over $1 million to charity, he earned the inaugural “2 Heart” award from ClickFunnels.

Any firm that wants to scale needs to follow the above guidelines, and the sooner you do, the better. Provide excellent customer service, be professional, reinvest your earnings, keep a lookout for new chances, and assemble a successful team. As you see your business or organisation rise to new heights of success and prosperity, give your staff clear direction, clear instructions, and the necessary tools. You may reach out to Alex Hormozi for additional information on how to expand your business. You may also follow him on Twitter.

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