What Does It Mean To Be In A Female Led Relationship (FLR) And How Does It Work?

  • The woman has more power over her male partner in a female led relationship (FLR).
  • She is in charge of all home responsibilities, finances, and social activities.
  • FLR appeals to women because it allows them to have complete control over their lives, whilst men like it because it relieves them of substantial duties.

A female led relationship, or FLR, is one in which a woman is in the dominating position, with power over her spouse, while the man is regarded as a subordinate partner, as the term implies. The woman who makes all or most of the couple’s decisions has more power over her male partner and guides the relationship forward. In an FLR, a woman is a dominating figure, whereas, in a traditional romance, a guy is a dominant character or both of them are treated equally. While there are numerous advantages to this partnership, it will not succeed without discipline. We’ll tell you all you need to know about these relationships in this post. Continue reading.

Types Of Female Led Relationships

FLRs are divided into four categories based on their intensity.

Female Led Relationship

1. Low-level female control

The woman has little power in this FLR, and all decisions are made jointly by the man and the woman. In certain situations, the man lets his spouse to take the lead, and she may require his permission to make a choice.

2. Moderate-level female control

The female can enjoy being a leader for a time and enjoys the sensation of governing the guy at this FLR level. It improves her self-esteem and morale, as well as their connection. The guy frequently loves the woman’s domineering attitude. At this stage, the woman generally makes day-to-day choices, but she also establishes limits on how far she will go.

3. Defined control

In a female led relationship, the woman makes the majority of the choices and also assumes male duties. To guarantee that there is a distinction, the areas where she can be dominant are delineated.

4. Extreme control

The lady is in complete authority, while the guy is under slavery. This connection is suited to women who enjoy being in control of their relationships.

The Ten Commandments Of A Female Led Relationship

A female-led relationship is defined by a set of norms. A few of them are discussed in this article.

Female Led Relationship

  • The majority of home choices are made by females. Before making a choice, the male expresses his viewpoint, which the lady may appreciate.
  • By being authoritative, the woman might encourage the male to concentrate on overcoming any negative habits he may have, such as heavy smoking or alcoholism.
  • Despite the fact that the man and woman divide domestic duties, the male agrees to handle chores such as cooking and cleaning.
  • The woman makes the majority of financial choices, while the male relies on his wife to handle everything.
  • The lady also makes decisions about social gatherings and events.

Why do women desire to be in charge and take on more responsibilities? Why would a man accept to be a woman’s servant? It is because a FLR has various advantages.

What Makes Women Want To Be In A Female Led Relationship?

  • Some women prefer a female led relationship because they have more influence over all aspects of the partnership, including economics and kitchen management.
  • Women also have the power to shape a guy into whomever they want him to be. Imagine developing your dream partner and making sure he lives up to your standards.
  • In such partnerships, there is no power struggle, therefore there is more serenity and less stress or tension.
  • A man who accepts a female led relationship freely will not mind being controlled. He may even love his lady more since she takes care of everything he would otherwise be concerned about.

Why Do Men Want To Be In A Relationship With A Woman?

You might be asking why a man who has been used to or expected to control a relationship for years would relinquish authority to a woman. Here are some of the reasons why guys would gladly and voluntarily do it.

  • He doesn’t have to make any difficult decisions or worry about the repercussions or responsibilities when a woman is in charge of a relationship.
  • Because there is no power struggle between him and his girlfriend, a guy may enjoy a more serene environment at home.
  • Some men who have had another female authority figure, such as their mother, make all of their life decisions prefer to delegate responsibility to a woman so that they may focus on other things, such as their profession.

The Negative Effects Of A Female Led Relationship

This type of connection also has a negative side. The following are some of the concerns:

  • Traditional societal values and social stigma might have a negative influence on a FLR relationship or marriage.
  • Even if the relationship no longer fulfils him, a man who is being dominated may be too afraid to speak up.
  • In the absence of conversation with her spouse, the female may make poor judgments, just as in a man-led relationship.

Every relationship type has its own set of obstacles, whether it’s a female-led relationship, a male-led relationship, or an equal couple. As a result, maintaining equilibrium is critical at all times. In a relationship, no two individuals can be happy if one person makes all the choices and the other has no voice.

As a result, many individuals do not consider FLR type 4 to be an option since it is deemed too harsh. Type 1 is, on the other hand, seen to be overly moderate. As a result, most couples strive towards type 2 or type 3 to keep their relationship solid. The woman is in charge.


What Is The Best Way To Strike A Balance?

Women in female-led relationships may do a lot to keep the balance in their relationships. The simplest thing you can do is urge your boyfriend to take more initiative and offer as much as he can to the relationship. Another golden guideline for women to remember is to respect their partners at all times. Any relationship can only last if both parties respect each other.

If you’re in a female-led relationship and feel like the balance is off or that your communication is awry, talk it over with your spouse. Another alternative is to seek expert assistance in reestablishing a healthier balance. If none of these methods work, you can take a break and start over.

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