Austin Drew Greenfield Net Worth: Family, Married, Career


Austin The son of American singer Ronnie Spector is Drew Greenfield. Jonathan Greenfield is his father, and he has four brothers and sisters: Jason Charles Greenfield, Gary Philip Spector, Louis Philip Spector, and Donte Philp Spector. Austin and his brother Jason are two of Ronnie Spector’s children who are less well-known since they have not shared much about themselves.

It is difficult to determine whether Austin Drew Greenfield is married, with whom, and if he has any children because he hasn’t given much information about his personal life. The same holds true for his profession, which you are unable to ascertain.

Is Austin Drew Greenfield Married?

Austin Drew does not appear to have any social media accounts, therefore we are uncertain if he has ever been married.

Many people presume that he is single since he hasn’t been in public with anybody who may be his wife, but there isn’t any concrete evidence to support the assumptions.

Austin Drew Greenfield’s Age Is Unknown

As of the right moment, it is not known how old Austin is. There isn’t any concrete evidence to support the claim that Austin is in his late twenties or early thirties because Ronnie married Austin’s father in 1982.

Mother of Austin Drew Greenfield

The music girl group The Ronettes was co-founded by Austin Drew Greenfield’s mother. Her older sister Estelle Bennett and her cousin Nedra Talley were in the group. It was the relatives of Ronnie Spector that pushed her to sing. The Ronettes decided to pursue music as a career since they could perform at school functions and were applauded by their fellow pupils.

His Mother’s Music Career.

The Ronettes, a group led by Austin Drew’s mother, rose to fame in the 1960s and enjoyed considerable success thanks to the Philles Records label. Be My Baby, the group’s debut single on the label, peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1963. The Ronettes then published a number of songs, including, among others, Baby, I Love You, Do I Love You, Walking in the Rain, Born Together, and Is This What I Get for Loving You.

When Austin’s mother’s band disbanded in 1967, Ronnie Spector married Phil Spector, the proprietor of Philles Records, the following year. Phil restricted Austin’s mother’s records and forbade her from singing, which hurt Ronnie’s musical career.

Austin’s mother made the decision to pursue a solo music career, and in early 1971, she released her debut single, Try Some, Buy Some, which peaked at number 77. Other songs by Ronnie include Paradise, Darlin, Say Goodbye to Hollywood, You’d Be Good For Me, and Who Can Sleep. She reassembled the Ronettes in 1972 after divorcing Phil Spector, adding two new members. A handful of the group’s songs were made available, and at the same time, Austin Drew’s mother was performing alone.

Ronnie Spector achieved great success in the music business, producing albums, singles, and EPs; therefore, her passing was a loss for the rock and roll musical style. On January 12, 2022, Austin Drew Greenfield’s mother passed away from cancer at the age of 78.

Net worth and Social Media

Austin Drew Greenfield’s net worth is difficult to determine because nothing is known about his line of work. As a result of his mother’s successful music career and the fact that she recently passed away, Austin undoubtedly received part of her wealth.


Austin appears to be dormant on social media, since there are no accounts associated with him on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. Despite being a celebrity’s child, he looks to be a private person because he is not making many public appearances.

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