Micah Emmanuel Lanfer Family, Bio, Education


Born on January 18, 2012, in Los Angeles, Micah Emmanuel Lanfer. His parents are Peter Lanfer and American actress Sarah Drew. Hannah is the only sibling Micah has.

Micah has a strong interest in performing and resembles his mother in this regard. He was so into theatre when he was ten, and acting had become a family business. With his mother and sister, Micah enjoys watching movies, which explains his passion for acting.

Micah viewed a lot of movies during the coronavirus outbreak and demonstrated his acting talents by taking part in plays and short films.

The members of Micah’s family are devoted to one another and like taking trips and having dinner dates. Given that they constantly enjoy themselves, they are more like the ideal family. Micah Emmanuel Lanfer, who is the firstborn, has a deep love for his younger sister.

Micah Emmanuel Lanfer’s Education

There isn’t much information on the school Micah is presently attending, although his mother notes that he attended one since he formed strong bonds with his friends and learned some filmmaking skills throughout the summer of 2022. His mother describes Micah Emmanuel Lanfer as an aspiring engineer who enjoys reading and is highly creative and clever.

His Mother

Mother of actor, producer, writer, and director Micah Emmanuel Lanfer. Her mother is a teacher, but her father and brother are pastors from a Christian background. Micah’s mother attended the University of Virginia for her schooling, and she left with a bachelor’s degree in acting.

Sarah began acting in high school after portraying Stacy Rowe in the animated series and movie Daria. When she was a college student, the mother of Micah Emmanuel Lanfer made her professional theatre debut playing Juliet in Romeo and Juliet. Micah’s mother made her Broadway debut in Vincent in Brixton shortly after receiving her degree in theatre.

After achieving success, Micah’s mother transitioned to television, appearing in Wonderfalls and playing Hannah Rogers in the drama series Everwood. She made cameos in a number of well-known series between 2004 and 2006, including Castle, Glee, Supernatural, Private Practice, Privileged Special Victims Unit, Law & Order, and Cold Case.

The medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy, in which Micah’s mother is cast as Dr. April Kepner and made her debut in September 2009, is where she is most known. She first appeared on the program as a Mercy West Hospital resident, but she began to appear regularly in 2010. From 2010 until 2018, Sarah Drew had the lead role. After leaving, she returned in 2021 as a special guest star.

The acting business is still thriving for Micah’s mother.


Social Media

Micah Emmanuel Lanfer is too young to use social media, thus he isn’t on any. His parents don’t run any of his accounts either. Nevertheless, Micah’s photos may be found on his mother’s social media pages. For instance, Micah’s mother updates her Instagram with photos from her travels and dinner dates. Micah’s mother has over 4 million followers and over a thousand posts on Instagram under the account thesarahdrew.

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