Carmela Sievers talks about her personal life, her siblings, and her parents.


Carmela Sievers is a 15-year-old girl who was born in 2007. Josephine Sievers is her only sibling. Many people would recognize her as the daughter of Doctor Teresa Sievers, who was brutally murdered.

For her ninth birthday, her aunt Dawn had gifted her a blond hair spray and a mermaid book. Carmela did the same when she learned of her father’s incarceration around Christmastime. Despite the circumstances, Dawn remarked that she wanted the girls to feel like children.

Her brothers and sisters.

Josephine Sievers, her older sister, is an 18-year-old girl who was born in 2004. In 2016, Mark’s sister-in-law Dawn Tottenham sent Josephine a purple gown for her mother’s birthday. Josephine told her aunt, “I know I’m strong, and I know her spirit is here.” “However, I miss my mum tremendously.”

The profession of the parent.

Teresa Sievers, Carmela Sievers’ mother, was a holistic doctor.

Her father, Mark Sievers, worked as an office manager.

Her mother’s passing.

The death of Dr. Teresa Sievers stunned the state of Florida in June 2015, and an episode of ’48 Hours’ delves into the details of her demise. This show, which has won multiple honors for its thorough investigation and well-presented presentation, goes to great lengths to fully comprehend what occurred. The doctor was a well-known holistic medicine practitioner who was married to Mark Sievers. They have two children together as well.

In June 2005, their mother was brutally killed in the family’s Bonita Springs home. They were both 11 and 8 years old at the time. Two boys bludgeoned Teresa to death with a hammer, and her lifeless corpse was discovered in the kitchen after Mark summoned a friend to check on her.

Jimmy Ray Rodgers and Curtis Wayne Wright had stolen into their house, switched off the alarm, gone to a nearby Walmart to acquire some supplies, and then returned to the residence to murder them. Wright and their father had been closest friends since high school and had grown up together in Missouri, according to news accounts immediately after their arrests. Their father was apprehended shortly after. Teresa had supposedly threatened to separate Mark and his children, and Mark decided that murdering her was his only choice.

After their mother was slain in homicide and their father was jailed for it, the Department of Children and Families put them with another family in the area while they checked the people who offered to care about the children.


Their granny will be their guardian.

Teresa’s mother, Mary Ann Groves, applied for temporary custody of her grandchildren while Siever was in prison. As a result of the incidents, she stated the two had undergone considerable psychological and emotional stress. She was given custody of the children on May 16, 2016. Mark’s mother Bonnie’s request for temporary custody to be handed to her was refused by the judge.

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