Catherine Full Body Endings Guide And Everything you need to know


Catherine: Full Body, a reimagined version of the cult classic, is now available for Nintendo Switch, making it more accessible to anybody interested in playing this puzzle platform game from Atlus, the same studio behind the Persona franchise.

Catherine: Full Body, like other Atlus games, offers many endings, meaning your actions in certain stages of the game can have a big impact on Vincent’s, the game’s primary protagonist’s, path.

The most important decision you’ll have to make that will affect the tale, according to The Gamer, is which relationships you’ll pursue and which you’ll dismiss.

With that, here’s an all-endings guide for anyone who wants to know how to obtain the nice endings or maybe see the other endings they missed the first time around—but is warned: SPOILERS follow!

Who is Catherine?

Vincent gets seduced by Catherine, a strange woman, into cheating on his lover Katherine. You’ll establish a connection with her over the course of the game, and you’ll frequently discover her in bed with you in the mornings. Catherine is the symbol of desire, and Vincent is frequently enthralled by her beauty.

On the first night after his buddies leave, Vincent encounters Catherine in the Stray Sheep pub. They both go towards Vincent’s residence after conversing in the booth for a bit. Throughout the game, Catherine is shown as Vincent’s dream lady. Vincent adores her because she is young, attractive, tiny, and blonde. Vincent is the only one in his group of friends who has seen Catherine.

Catherine is later revealed to be a succubus, created to appeal to all of Vincent’s wants. Catherine is a demon from the Underworld, and it is her goal to charm men and drag them into the game’s horrors. Others can see her, but she is designed to represent a person’s ideas.

Catherine: That was a nice ending.

Vincent proposes to Catherine in this finale, and she accepts despite the Boss’ desires. The hero’s lover is encouraged to accompany him to the Underworld, but he’ll have to make do with the Boss sharing a bed with them.

To acquire it, make sure the meter is substantially red, then respond Yes, Yes, and anything else in Stage 9-2 that loves chaos.

Catherine: This is a bad ending.

Vincent proposes to Catherine in this ending, but she declines and Vincent never sees her again.

To get it, the meter has to be quite blue, and the response on Stage 9-2 should be Yes, Yes, and anything that embraces chaos.

Catherine: This Is How It Ends

We’ll still witness the awkward moment with Boss and the lovers in this conclusion, but it jumps to a few weeks later, when Vincent has turned into a demon and vanquished Nergal, even using him as a throne. He does, after all, have his own succubi harem.

To get it, the meter must be substantially red, and Stage 9-2 replies must be “Of course, I would,” no, yes, and then yes or practically setting aside the good and peaceful life and fully embracing the chaos.

Catherine: I’d want to suggest a different ending.

When they are dragged through a vortex, Vincent gets to marry Catherine as a human in an alternate ending that was only introduced in Full Body. They probably had children and enjoyed a wonderful life.

The meter must be in blue and you must respond Yes to every question in Stage 9 to earn this outcome.

Katherine: This is a bad ending.

Vincent decides to leave Catherine and return to Katherine in this finale. He then claimed that the blonde female was succubi, implying that his infidelity was in vain. Katherine, on the other hand, does not fall for it and rejects him.

The meter must be red to see this conclusion, and at Stage 9-2, respond Yes, Yes, and pick the dialogue that says they desire tranquil days.

Katherine: That was a nice ending.

This ending is quite similar to the awful one, but Katherine decides to give it another shot with Vincent. Fast forward to the scenario where the two of them are talking about their forthcoming wedding.

To get this result, the meter must be blue, and the last stage replies must be Yes, Yes, and then tranquil days.

True Ending, Katherine

This is thought to be the game’s canonical ending, in which Vincent enlists the support of his friends and the Boss to persuade Katherine to give him another opportunity. They marry, and this encourages Vincent’s pals to do the same.

To get the finale, the meter must be solidly in blue, and the replies must declare that they resist chaos at all costs and that they are ready for it.

Katherine: I’d like to suggest a different ending.

This alternate ending is bad news for Vincent, who was rejected by Katherine despite his pleadings to return, claiming that cheating is cheating, whether it’s an illusion or not. She later achieves success in a fashion magazine and goes on with another person.

This ending is pretty difficult, therefore you might need detailed instruction to complete it. The point is that the meter should be somewhere in the center, and then you should react favorably to Katherine’s texts. Answer Yes, No, and No by Stage 9-2.

Rin: That was a nice ending.

Rin and Vincent resolve to make their relationship work in this conclusion. Rin’s brother is revealed to be an extraterrestrial, and they have been assisting humans for many years.

Rin’s endings are a little tricky, so you’ll want to check out a more detailed tutorial. On the 10th day of Nightmare, though, you must make at least one error.

Rin: It’s a bad ending.

Rin eventually leaves Vincent, claiming that he wants to assist others. However, it is possible that they will reunite in the future, however, their destiny is uncertain.

On Stage 9, you should acquire no more than five correct answers for this ending.

Rin: This is the true ending.

This ending is similar to the Good ending, except it depicts Rin and Vincent in the future when Vincent works as Rin’s manager and performs the piano at an extraterrestrial performance. They marry as well.

During Rin’s journey, players must get all of the answers correct, but it’s so difficult that you’ll need a more detailed tutorial.

Freedom: A negative ending

Vincent selects neither ladies nor Rin in this finale and lives a bachelor’s life. He loses his money from the Boss, but he doesn’t seem to mind.

The meter for this ending might be any color. To receive it, though, you must respond No, No, and Yes at Stage 9-2.


The true ending of freedom

Although Katherine’s True ending is considered official, most fans consider this Freedom ending to be the healthier option. It follows the same plot as the Bad ending, only Vincent wins the bet and gets wealthy, so he enrolls in a space program to live aboard a gigantic colony ship.

This can be difficult to do since the meter should be firmly between red and blue, and in Stage 9-2, players should respond No, No, and Yes.

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