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We looked over 52 Shorby reviews from various sources and shared our findings in this post.

Shorby is a straightforward bio and analytics solution for social media outreach and marketing. Shorby was created with Instagram bios in mind, but it can also be used on Facebook, WhatsApp, Reddit, Twitter, and any other social networking platform you can think of.

Almost everyone now has an Instagram account for their small company. One out of every two of these Instagram accounts posts links on a daily basis, and one out of every three uses advertisements and retargeting to promote their brand.

In practice, Instagram only enables you to add one link to your bio since it doesn’t want you to spam it with links. With only one link, though, you must make the tough decision of which material to advertise.

It’s similar like choose your favorite child, but more difficult. Every small business and start-up wants to engage with clients on Instagram right away.

Many individuals who use Instagram for business lament how difficult it is to change a single clickable link based on the post that is now pointing it out.

Shorby tackles this issue with a simple and efficient dashboard. Shorby does this by allowing you to add many links to your Instagram profile at once.

On Instagram, businesses also want to keep their consumers engaged and satisfied. With adjustable headlines, flash sales discounts, and more, Shorby allows you to do just that!


Shorby is a marketing solution that uses clickable links, messengers, and social networks to enhance your Instagram traffic.

With a link that takes Instagrammers to your custom-made profile, Shorby is providing you a legitimate way to get around the one bio link restriction.

Shorby allows you to have several links on your profile. YouTube videos, an online store, your blog, links to your messengers (Facebook Messenger, Skype, or WhatsApp), and links to your other social networks may all be included.

After you’ve selected where you want your leads or visitors to go, you can customize button shapes, wording, and colors, as well as apply effects to highlighted links.

A nice “My experience in Bali” button will attract a lot more clicks than a plain “my. blog” link.

You can display and drive visitors to all of your most critical web material with a tastefully personalized profile. You can utilize these great links for IGTV, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube affiliate connections, and Amazon links in addition to your Instagram profile.

Millions of Instagrammers and advertisers are still unaware of SHORBY’s existence. SHORBY is what they all need to boost their Instagram profiles and capture leads from each shared link.

But how do you do it? You’ll discover out via this online examination of Shorby evaluations.

How To Create Multiple Links In Your Instagram Bio With Shorby

Adding your links to Shorby is a breeze. Simply choose + ADD LINK and enter a description as well as a unique URL link.

That is all there is to it. You may also use the slider bar to switch on and off links that you want to be active. You can actually program them to appear and disappear at specific periods using the clock icon.

You may also see how many times your link has been clicked and delete links you don’t want to utilize any more.

Shorby also provides you the option of customizing your page’s color scheme, which is a nice touch. You may do the same thing with other social media sites.

The following is how it works:

1) Add a tracker ID from one of your ad networks, such as Facebook or Adwords (just once), and then shorten the links as normal with

2) Share links on social media and keep an eye on the Shorby dashboard for real-time data.

3). Log into your favorite Facebook or Adwords account, create a retargeting audience (these are the folks that clicked on your short link), and conduct a successful retargeting campaign.

How To Stop Losing Clicks On Your Instagram Bio On Social Media.

A enhanced bio link and profile appear to be sufficient, but not for Shorby.

As a marketer, you’re undoubtedly publishing links on your various social media platforms on a frequent basis. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if the folks who click on these links were retargeted?

That is made possible via Shorby! Shorby allows you to track and retarget everyone who clicks on your link, as well as gather leads from any link you publish.

Assume someone comes to your online business. You can perform your best 2019 Kim Kardashian imitation with Shorby and reappear in their lives as a Facebook ad.

You’ll also be able to examine data on your links, allowing you to monitor which ones are getting the most clicks and when. Simply enter your Facebook and Google ad tracking information into Shorby, take the shortened URLs, and utilize each shortened link click to re-target your visitors on Facebook, Instagram, and Adwords.

You may re-target even while you’re posting on Pinterest, Reddit, or any other social networking platform that just gobbled up your entire afternoon. Shorby also allows you to have additional alternatives for your Instagram bio link if you like.

You may acquire a stylish Instagram bio link with a lot of customization options. If all you want to do is connect with your audience on other social media sites and provide them a few ways to reach you directly, Shorby is the tool for you.

Additional links for landing sites, flash deals, and so on might be included. Simply configure Shorby to work best for your company and include a super-powered link in your Instagram profile.


You only have one shot or one chance to get all you’ve ever desired on your Instagram bio.

Shorby is being used to drive traffic to over 25 million company profiles every day. Bloggers, influencers, artists, small companies, and even my not-so-techie aunt Leah are all represented in Shorby.

You may now join the Shorby Start Plan, which offers the following benefits:

  • 3 links to bios
  • 3 Instagram accounts to follow
  • ten unique URLs
  • Clicks are unrestricted.
  • There are no limits to the number of connections you can
  • 3,000 clicks were recorded.
  • 1 advertising platform (choose between Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn)

If you want additional Shorby power for your company, stack another code and receive a Shorby Agency plan, which includes:

  • There are no limits to how many links and clicks you may make.
  • Instagram accounts with no limits
  • 1,000,000 tracked clicks
  • 7 different ad platforms
  • 5 initiatives (teams)
  • Google Analytics is a tool that allows you to track
  • Per project, there are ten members of the team.

You may also stack up to seven codes to unlock a total of 20 projects. Following your second code, each subsequent code unlocks three projects. If you require more than 20 projects, your Shorby dashboard offers a variety of upgrading choices.

Reviews by shorby: TL;DR

  • To increase traffic to content, shops, and social profiles, use Shorby with your IG bio link.
  • With pixels, you can track all of your clicks and collect high-quality data for retargeting and online advertising.
  • Customize button shapes, wording, and colors to increase Instagram bio conversions.
  • Shorby is ideal for Instagram influencers, bloggers, and anybody who wants to make the most of their Instagram bio link.

It’s normal to feel obligated to provide a link to your website in order to increase traffic and, ideally, purchases.

Of course, there are a number of venues online where you may direct your audience to learn more about your company and engage with you. And this is when Shorby’s beauty shines through.

You will be able to direct your audience to not just your website, but also your Facebook business page, your VIP customer group, your blog, and other social media accounts that you utilize for your business as a direct seller or small business owner.

It’s also ideal for directing people to your newsletter, a Flash Sale, or YouTube videos. In a nutshell, any connection you desire.

Finally, Shorby is practical, affordable, professional, time-saving, and comes with a variety of features and applications. Shorby’s simplicity is what makes it so appealing to consumers. This is a tool that you should test right now.

Pricing by Shorby

Shorby offers a variety of price options based on the functionality you want and the amount of pages/links you require. The following are the price plans:

The opportunity to utilize a custom domain name is one of the most appealing features of the higher-tier plans. Instead of using “” for all of your links, you may use your own domain name, such as “” This is especially important for landing sites, as I believe that include your own website URL in your social media biographies improves branding.

Review of Shorby: Final Thoughts

Shorby is a great tool for improving how you interact with your social media following.

The ultimate objective of your social media accounts should be to attract people to visit your website or convert them into consumers in some other way. Shorby can assist you in doing so more effectively:

  • Micro-landing pages allow you to include a single link in your biographies that promotes both your most recent and best content, as well as anything else you wish to promote (like a list of your services with prices).
  • Messenger connections make it simple to interact with visitors across a range of platforms. This can help you increase conversion rates if your business involves any form of one-on-one sales or contacts.



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