Top 6 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 That Are Worth GPU Mining


Many individuals are still interested in mining the various cryptocurrencies that are now available. Things are a little different than one may anticipate when it comes to GPU mining. Although it will take some work on the part of the user to get everything set up correctly, there are still a number of currencies that GPU miners can work on within 2019. It’s also not simple to decide which cryptocurrency to mine because there are businesses like crypto signals that create communities around price speculation.

Dogecoin is Still Viable

Although most people would view Dogecoin as the internet’s funny money, one must remember that it is also a teaching tool. Dogecoin is a very plausible option to consider, especially for those eager to explore the realm of GPU mining. Not just because it has value, but also because it is one of the most accessible currencies today. Although mining is not even necessary to get DOGE, it is a possibility to consider.

As is always the case with mining cryptocurrencies, signing up for a pool is the best course of action. There are still a number of active mining pools available for Dogecoin. Although no one will get wealthy from this specific endeavor, it is a really worthwhile learning experience. In addition, anyone may perform it with any kind of computer, however, the payment will be extremely variable.

Monero is a Solid Option

In the past several years, Monero has grown significantly in popularity among cryptocurrency miners. It illustrates that anyone with a CPU and GPU can mine XMR quite simply, even though that is not usually for the proper reasons. Similar to Dogecoin, it is encouraged to join a Monero mining pool as solo mining may not always provide worthwhile returns. If one is willing to put in some effort, GPU mining is still more than possible even with the currency’s new mining algorithm.

ZenCash Offers Decent Returns

ZenCash is an intriguing choice when it comes to GPU mining, despite the fact that most people tend to ignore cryptocurrencies that are not in the top 25 by market capitalization. 88% of every block reward goes to the miners, which may not be the best percentage. It is one of many Zerocoin-based currencies that can be quickly mined on a standard computer, though. It is a possibility worth considering in 2019 so long as one has the appropriate software and a reputable mining pool.

ZCoin, Not to be Confused with ZCash

The ZCoin currency is a branch of the ZCash project, which some people may already be familiar with. Zcoin is a fascinating choice for individuals who wish to start mining cryptocurrencies. In addition to being traded on the most reputable exchanges, the currency also makes it simple for both new and experienced miners to participate in the activity. If nothing significant changes, ZCoin should continue to be ASIC-proof like Monero, ensuring a lengthy GPU mining life.

Bitcoin Gold Needs More Miners

Bitcoin Gold is a trustworthy alternative for GPU cryptocurrency mining experiments. Although mining Bitcoin itself is still an option, the Bitcoin Gold split may be a superior option for users. Even though the value of this currency has decreased since its introduction, as of this writing, it still has a value of over $24 per BTG. The project team claims that during this year and beyond, there will be some intriguing adjustments and enhancements. What effect that will have on the BTG value is another issue entirely.


Ethereum Attracts a lot of Attention

Everyone can agree that Ethereum is the preferred option when mining cryptocurrencies with a GPU. On paper, it appears to be the most profitable choice, however, there are many miners vying for the block reward on the network. However, with prices rising, it is still a viable alternative for those experienced miners. One drawback is that GPU mining Ethereum may be incredibly expensive because, in today’s world, one graphics card won’t get you very far.


This is not investment or trading advice. The aforementioned article is simply meant for reading enjoyment and education. Before buying or investing in any cryptocurrency or digital money, kindly conduct your own research.

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