Most Effective Way To Curl Thin Hair Without Damaging It


If you have thin hair you’re not alone. It’s estimated that 50% of women will experience hair thinning. It generally happens over the age of fifty but can happen sooner. However, while the following tips will work to add curls to thinning hairstyles, you should note that thinning hair is not the same as having naturally fine hair.

You can have plenty of hair volume with fine or thin hair, it simply means the individual strands of hair are skinnier than people with thick hair. It’s the number of hairs you have that controls volume.

The good news is that you can still style thin hair, you simply need to be more careful in your approach as it’s easier to damage thin hair. Although it can be more challenging to get your thin hair into curls, the following tips and these tools will help.

Avoid Clean Hair

In most cases, you want clean and shiny hair. It looks and feels better, boosting your confidence levels. But, if you have thin or fine hair then it’s better to let it get a little dirty before curling it.

The aim is to boost the volume of your hair with a little debris and perhaps some styling mousse.

If this isn’t simply isn’t possible then, before you start curling your hair, make sure it has been allowed to fully air dry. You don’t want to use heat tools to dry your hair before curling.

Add A Protective Spray

The next step is to recognize that heat can seriously damage thin hair. To help prevent damage you’ll want to invest in a good quality heat protection spray. Apply it generously to your hair before curling.

It is worth using heat protection spray whenever you style your hair.

Turn Your Curling Iron On

Even with a heat protection spray, your hair can be damaged. That’s why it is best to avoid using curling tongs set at high temperatures. Turn it down to a low setting, around 350° F is fine. If you can’t adjust the heat on your curling tongs then you’ll need to invest in some new ones.

Using The Tongs

Separate your hair into sections and then pick one to start curling. You’ll want to start near the base of your hair and move the tongs smoothly and quickly up the hair toward your scalp. Don’t move the tongs too close to your scalp. Hold the hair in the tongs for 5-6 seconds and then slide the tongs back out.

Minimizing the time under heat is the best way to prevent damage and create the curls you desire. If necessary, you can repeat the process.

Remember, the tighter you wrap your hair around the curling tong the smaller the curls will be.



As soon as you’ve finished running the tongs through your hair, spray your hair with hairspray, and don’t touch the curls. Allowing them to cool by themselves will help the curls to set and stay in position.

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