New Ways to Wear Cute Girlfriend Outfits in Beautifully Stylish Jeans


The hips and thighs are relaxed. The leg has a little taper. A total everyday go-to with a little stretch and a lot of laid-back feeling!

Girlfriend jeans are currently one of the most popular denim styles. That’s because they provide a “middle ground” between exceedingly tight, tiny jeans and billowing, wide-leg pants. Girlfriend jeans offer a looser fit and a bit of elasticity, so you won’t be squeezed like a sausage. With a mid-rise waist and a variety of blue colors to choose from, you can’t go wrong with this trendy jeans design. All you have to do now is roll up the hems, flaunt your laid-back attitude, and get on with what you’re doing!

But, before we get into how to create the greatest ensembles around Girlfriend jeans, let’s talk about all the other ‘family members who have lately forced their way into the fashion world. You never know what to bring into the changing rooms with so many various jean types, like Mom, Dad, and Boyfriend, roaming about in the jeans area! So, before you go shopping, here’s a brief rundown of all the different ‘family’ jeans types so you know which ones you don’t want!

Concerning “Family Jeans”

Mom’s jeans are a good fit.

Mom jeans are relaxed high-waist jeans with a looser fit around the hips. On each side of the zip, the cloth is looser, and the buttocks are tighter. Their key characteristic is that they taper down gently to terminate at the ankle, eliminating the need to roll them up or shorten the hem.

Boyfriend jeans are a good fit.

Boyfriend jeans are baggy, much how you’d look if you borrowed your boyfriend’s jeans in real life. They’re the polar opposite of thin jeans, and for a boyish vibe, pair them with an oversized tee or cropped top and Chuck Taylors.

Dad’s jeans are a good fit.

Dad jeans are looser, have a higher waist, and come in a range of denim wash colors and fabric densities. They are authentic Levi 550 and Wrangler jeans that may be worn by both men and women.

Girlfriend jeans are a good fit.

For a more traditional fit, girlfriend jeans have a tapered, straight leg, a higher waist than boyfriend jeans, and a little additional flexibility around the hips. There’s a hint of droop and a narrow design that draws attention to the buttocks and ensures a decent fit. And it’s because of the ‘girlfriend fit’ that it can be worn up or down. Furthermore, the Girlfriend lines provide excellent comfort without sacrificing fashionable style, since there are several torn and classic styles available. They’re also available in every denim-blue hue imaginable!

So now that we’ve established what we’re talking about, let’s move on to how to style this year’s hottest girlfriend jeans ensembles!

big shirts and girlfriend jeans

This year, oversized clothing is back in style, and slim-fit girlfriend jeans look great with an enormous blouse. Wear elegant bootees and turn up the cuffs of your jeans to show off your ankles for a contemporary look. Why not wear a trilby hat and throw an animal-print scarf over your neck for a more eye-catching look?

Jeans and blazers for girlfriends

With a well-tailored jacket and chunky-heeled boots, dress up your girlfriend’s jeans. Tan or beige suede boots look terrific with worn, dark-blue wash denim. And a blazer in a check or checkered pattern will bring your ensemble right up to date!

Gray, beige, khaki, and dark-navy with a tan pattern are all good choices. To complete this year’s new look, wear a French sailor striped shirt with a neck-scarf beneath. Carry a colorful purse to add a splash of color, and you’re good to go!

Jeans and heels for a girlfriend

Girlfriend jeans are typically worn with a turned-up hem, cuffed or cut ankles to show off your ankles. If you pick high-waisted girlfriend jeans, the shorter leg will be balanced out if you wear heels all the time. Shoes with pointy toes, as opposed to squared toes, will also assist extend your ‘leg-line.’

Also, avoid wearing flat shoes with girlfriend jeans because your legs will appear shorter if you don’t. Underneath a burgundy leather jacket, wear a light-beige sweater and a grey trilby cap. Accessorize with a beige tote and white heeled shoes for a fashionable ‘out and about look.

Graphic t-shirts and ripped girlfriend jeans

You’ll want to wear the cool and airy form of girlfriend jeans when the weather warms up. Ripped jeans are ideal for anything from dates to errands around town to a night out with buddies at the pub. Wear them with a graphic tee, medium-heeled strappy shoes, a black leather jacket, and a black wide-brimmed hat. Alternatively, try wearing a new cropped sweater vest alone or over a cropped shirt. This is a laid-back-glam appearance that proves you’re ahead of the curve.

Jeans for girlfriends and checkered flannel shirts

Wear a red and gray-checked flannel shirt with a white backdrop in the spring for a livelier look. Pull the shirt out a little to create a little loose line draped over the waistline. Your waist and hips will seem thinner as a result of this. Wear a fashionable pair of beige ankle boots with brown straps on the uppers. The shirt and sophisticated boots give your jeans a polished touch in this smart-casual style.

An oversized sweater/coatigan and girlfriend jeans

On cool days, a pair of trousers with a white collarless shirt and an oversized sweater is ideal. With broad, loose sleeves and a lovely bend towards the thigh, this year’s oversize sweaters have more contour than previous years, giving your body more structure. Look for chunky knit sweaters and coatigans, which are long, extra-thick cardigans with a lot of texture.

In the spring, a coatigan is a soft and comfy huge woolen cardigan that keeps you warm without a formal jacket or coat. They’re available in a variety of basic, fashion-forward hues for this winter/spring, including purple, deep blue, grey, beige, burgundy, brown, camel, and deep pink, so you can easily match one to your existing wardrobe. If you’re looking for something a little more flamboyant, there are a slew of new designers providing vibrant, patterned cardigan coats in a rainbow of hues!

Cropped tees and girlfriend jeans

Cropped tops and spaghetti-strap tees are back in style for the summer, and they go great with girlfriend jeans. If you don’t want to expose your entire stomach, choose high-waisted pants. You may wear a stylish cropped top with a mid-rise girlfriend jean and just reveal a little skin around your waist, but nothing lower. This is a stylish and comfy dress to wear in your spare time, during festivals, or while on vacation. And, unlike with low-rise styles, you won’t have to continually pull up your pants!

Cropped cardigans and girlfriend jeans

I must confess that I am smitten with the new cropped cardigans that have debuted in all of the finest fashion stores. They’re ideal for a charming, summery style while also providing protection from cold wind. Lavender, shell-pink, baby-blue, lovely soft moss-green, beige, light-gray, khaki, camel, and cream are among the pastel equivalents of the winter tints.

Long lace collars and pearl or gem button accents add a feminine touch to these cardigans. They’re also made to bring emphasis to your waist, which is especially flattering in mid-and high-rise jeans. Cropped cardigans may be worn as a lovely, buttoned-up sweater with loads of feminine charm, or over a spaghetti strap, tee-shirt/tank-top.

Girlfriend jeans and an eccentric look

Because there are so many new styles to choose from, this is a great year to try out new looks. Wear a buttoned shirt that isn’t tucked in and tie a knot in one side of the shirt to dangle just below your waist if you want to create a unique look. You may achieve an appealing, asymmetrical effect by doing this with a plain, checkered, or patterned shirt.

And because neck scarves are likely to be big this year, now is the time to learn how to knit a scarf so you can figure out which kinds look best on you. Tucked-in, casual t-shirts and buttoned shirts work well with them. A beautiful silk scarf may also bring a touch of class to your girlfriend’s denim ensembles.

Double denim and girlfriend jeans

This year’s trend is double-denim, and there are so many wonderful blue chambray and denim cropped tops, blouses, and short jackets available that it would be a mistake not to wear them! Wearing a similar blue hue on both parts of your body will help you seem slimmer, and finishing the outfit with nude or beige shoes or sandals and a natty tan-brown shoulder bag will complete the look.

Taking proper care of your new girlfriend’s jeans

I just heard that we’ve been washing our denim garments too much and that the best way to maintain your denim in good shape is to not wash it for the first six months! It seems a little unusual to me, so I’m going to keep washing mine on a rapid, delicate cycle. I’ve been wearing denim for a long time and have never had any issues with it being washed too frequently! I doubt many women will adopt the new 6-months-before-washing strategy — what about you? LOL!

Denim – Find Your Perfect Fit And Keep It Forever

High-rise, low-rise, bootcut, boyfriend, baggy, and more styles are available. Knowing what works best for your body type and size can save your life. These are basic necessities that you can’t go wrong with.

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