Dell Xbox Series X has in stock! Aside from Target, Walmart, and BestBuy, where can you buy it?

dell xbox series x

Are you looking for a brand-new gaming machine that will solely be used for gaming and will provide you with the rawest firepower for your money? Then you should look at the $500 Xbox Series X, which was released on November 10th. You won’t be able to create a Series X-equivalent PC for less than $500, which is the price of Microsoft’s next-generation console. We gave it our all.

However, there’s a lot more to consider than simply price when comparing the Xbox Series X to gaming PCs. Let’s get started.

Those looking for an Xbox Series X replenishment are facing a similar difficulty to those looking for a PS5 restock, as supply quickly runs out at major shops including Target, Walmart, BestBuy, and others. However, it appears that there is another online shop that offers this console, and it is pretty surprising.

When will the Xbox X Series be available for pre-order?

dell xbox series x

Following Wario64’s tweet on the PS5 resupply update, potential purchasers were directed to a familiar website, Dell, which sells computers rather than game systems. There was no sign of the PS5 new stock on the website, but there was a sight for sore eyes in the form of a crazy Xbox Series X availability listing.

The website states that purchasers will be limited to one console per order, which is not an issue for individuals interested in purchasing this console for personal use rather than reselling it, as many people do. The Xbox Series X has been sighted for sale. However, it is unclear how long this console will remain on store shelves.

Is there going to be another Xbox series X?

As of right now, gamers eager in purchasing either the Xbox Series X or the PlayStation 5 face a genuine battle as inventories diminish left and right. While many people are paying attention to huge shops like Target, Walmart, BestBuy, and others, there are some surprising retailers, such as Dell, that will most likely keep the stock online for longer because few people are aware of it.

Scalpers are said to have made the purchase process more difficult for most consumers, since acquiring the official priced Xbox Series X or PS5 may be more difficult because these resellers acquire large quantities of consoles and resale them at a higher price. Those who are desperate to get their hands on the next-generation console may be ready to spend even more than the asking amount. This makes it more difficult for everyone to obtain this console at a time when demand is strong and supply is few.

When will the Xbox Series X be restocked?

When competing for Xbox Series X or PlayStation 5 stock online, it’s critical to act quickly whenever fresh stock becomes available. In order to do so, it’s critical to have alerts in place that can inform prospective buyers as soon as the stock appears on any online marketplace.


While some services may charge a fee for this, there is still a free option for potential purchasers to receive updates without having to pay any money. The most effective method is to utilize a spare device and a separate Twitter account to follow Wario64 especially in order to receive updates without interfering with other Twitter updates. Users may create a customized alarm to alert them when supply becomes available and to encourage them to act quickly.

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