Where to Seek an Xbox Series X Restock If you didn’t buy one from Walmart today


Xbox Series X Restock

Everyone is looking for an Xbox Series X replenishment on Cyber Monday. Walmart offered a resupply for Walmart + subscribers at 12 p.m. ET (9 a.m. PT), but it is now sold out.

More restocks from Target and GameStop are planned this week, although no exact dates have been announced. More information will be provided when it becomes available.

Do you want to improve your chances of receiving a console? This is all we’ve got so far.

Restocking of the Xbox Series X is now available online.

Despite the fact that the Xbox Series X has been on the market for a year, getting one has become incredibly tough. The console has been known to just be on the shelves for a few seconds before selling out completely.

According to a TechRadar story, scalpers have rendered the playing field unfair for normal consumers by using bots to make orders for fresh Xbox Series X replenishment or PlayStation 5 restock waves in a matter of seconds or microseconds. Scalpers have long been used to acquire items like Sneakers and highly sought-after GPUs.

Why is it so difficult to locate an Xbox?

Microsoft has essentially been unable to obtain the ingredients required to produce enough Xbox systems to fulfill demand. There’s a chip scarcity right now, much like with the PlayStation 5 and most PC video cards, which is limiting supplies. Many chip producers were affected by the epidemic, and industry analysts don’t anticipate the problem to be fully rectified before the end of the year.

As a result, Microsoft manufactures as many consoles as possible and distributes them through its retail partners. Each merchant distributes its available consoles in whichever manner it sees fit. Most of the time, this entails declaring when the console will be available for purchase online ahead of time and then making it available to everyone.

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What happened to the Xbox recently?

We keep note of every console replenishment and keep a running list of the most probable places to locate a console, as well as when it was last in stock.

14th of October, GameStop

Amazon: November 21st

Walmart is open on November 22nd and 29th.

The best time to buy is November 18th.

Antonline’s birthday is November 23rd, and she is 29 years old.

What can I do to increase my chances of acquiring an Xbox One X?

Xbox Series X Restock

It can be a little disorganized to keep refreshing the screen in the hopes of seeing a checkout link. And, as many people will attest, it’s excruciating to enter your payment information only to discover that the transaction can’t be completed since all of the consoles have already been claimed. Here are some of our recommendations:

  • Multiple browsers should be opened: Do you have a laptop? Is that a phone? Perhaps a tablet? To make the purchase, use all of them. Prepare ahead of time by opening numerous browsers to the retail site of your choosing and being prepared to buy from each one.
  • Never give up: To prevent bots from buying all of the consoles and reselling them at a higher price, several of these stores have begun distributing them over the course of 30 minutes. If everything is sold out after the first five minutes, keep refreshing since your opportunity is likely still available.
  • Set up and login into your account: The amount of time it takes to input your payment and shipping information might mean the difference between receiving your console and being left behind. Set up an account on the websites where you’ll be buying to avoid the wait.
  • Check your inbox for a confirmation email: There have been several stories of purchases becoming “stuck,” with no confirmation email arriving before the Xbox arrived, despite the fact that the website indicated the sale was complete. Before you rejoice, keep an eye out and double-check that an Xbox Series X is on its way to you.

Is it safe to purchase an Xbox from an unauthorized retailer?

There are a few locations where you can buy an Xbox secondhand securely. When you shop on eBay or StockX, there are safeguards in place to prevent you from spending money and receiving nothing in return.

Separately, there are plenty of people willing to take advantage of everyone attempting to get their hands on an Xbox Series X. Here’s how to prevent the most common con:

  • Avoid clicking on Twitter links: If you notice a tweet regarding an Xbox Series X refill, your best chance is to go straight to the shop rather than clicking on the link. Those Twitter connections have frequently turned out to be frauds.
  • Only purchase at a full retail price: You should generally avoid anyone giving you an Xbox Series X for more or less than $500 or an Xbox Series S for more or less than $300. Many of these websites offer “deals” or “bundles” that are usually not worth the money.


The Halo Infinite Version is a special edition of Halo 3.

This year, Microsoft launched a special edition of the Series X console inspired by the series’ most current title, Halo Infinite, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Xbox’s original flagship series Halo. The console was a limited-edition item that soon ran out. Despite the fact that the console is presently out of stock at all shops, there is a chance that a few are still available. It could be worth looking around for a Series X if you’re serious about acquiring one (and don’t mind spending an extra $50). The special edition console’s write-up by Jenae Sitzes and Oscar Gonzalez can be found here.


Walmart’s Twitter account does a good job of announcing PS5 and Xbox availability times. For both new systems, you might wish to go to the retailer’s Xbox main page. Keep in mind that third-party resellers may charge you more.


Best Buy

Best Buy, which was the last shop remaining during the presale period, is now ready to take your Xbox Series X order as inventory permits.



This product page on Amazon sells both the Xbox Series X and the less costly Xbox Series S.



To be clear, we strongly advise you to wait for inventory to become available at normal shops, so you may purchase an Xbox Series X at full retail pricing. However, if you really can’t wait any longer, the typical Xbox Series X price on eBay is around $800.



When Newegg has inventory, this is where you may purchase the Xbox Series X.



Are you on the verge of giving up? Are you prepared to spend hundreds of dollars more than the suggested retail price? We wouldn’t do it, and we don’t advocate that you do it either. If you insist on going down that route, StockX is a respectable eBay-style site that will let you purchase and sell fresh Xbox and PS5 units for upwards of $700.


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