Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal, Everything You need to know


Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal: Dewdrop Ghoul has disclosed his true identity as Simon Söderberg. The names of three more band members attempting to extort $22,000 from Forge was also revealed in the Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal. Continue reading to learn more about Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal, his true name, and other interesting details.

Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal

Ghost is one of the most well-known rock and metal bands, yet the members’ identities have remained mainly disguised over the years because to masks, makeup, and a clever adherence to concealment. Four band members signed a document opposing Forge, which was brought to the court in 2017. The statement stated a total of $22,000 in unpaid wages.

Dewdrop claimed in a Facebook post that employees were not paid from 2011 to 2016. Continue reading for more information!


Ghost is a Linköping, Sweden-based heavy metal band that formed in 2006. A three-track demo was released in 2010, followed by “Elizabeth” and Opus Eponymous, their debut full-length album. The Grammy-nominated album was well-received and helped them earn a large number of new followers. Infestissumam, their second album and first for a big label, went to number one in Sweden and won the Grammis Award for Best Hard Rock/Metal Album. Meliora, the band’s third studio album, was released in 2015 to critical acclaim and strong sales, debuting at number one in Sweden and number eight in the United States. In 2016, the album’s main single, “Cirice,” earned them a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

Ghosts’ members

The Nameless Ghouls are the members of Ghost. They go by the title ‘Nameless Ghouls’ in order to stay anonymous. When the band performs live, there are presently eight Ghouls who play all of the instruments with the lead guy. Ghoulettes or Ghulehs are the names given to three female Ghouls. The Ghouls wear virtually identical face-masking ensembles that change with each record era.

Stage Name

Other Names



Alpha, Stompy, Dewdrop

Lead guitarist






Keyboardist and backing vocals





Omega or Quintessence


Multighoul (Male)

Multighoul, Shadow and/or Swiss Army Ghoul

guitarist, tambourine, backing vocals, saxophonist (as Papa Nihil ) and more

Multighoul (female)


Multighoul (female) (Now known as Cirrus) – keyboardist, tambourine, backing vocals, keytar

Multighoul (female)

Infinity since 8 turned sideways is ∞ or Sunshine to go against the two current female ghouls

Tambourine, keyboards, backing vocals

The Multighouls are two new Ghouls that debuted as part of the Rats On The Strip show at The Roxy. They participate as backing vocalists and play a variety of instruments during the show. During the live performance of “Miasma,” the male Multighoul plays saxophone while costumed as Papa Nihil.

The third multighoul, who also happens to be the third ghoulette, was introduced during the 2022 Impera tour’s Reno, Nevada event. She debuted on her own modest platform (similar to the other multighouls), swinging a tambourine and singing background vocals. It’s recommended that she take up some keyboard chores during Mummy Dust, while the other ghoulette is playing the keytar solo.

The band’s most distinguishing member is ‘Papa Emeritus,’ who wears a prosthetic skull face paint mask and seems to be a “demonic anti-Pope.”

The band’s appearance has changed with each record cycle. Though the singer is nearly always represented as the same iconic persona, there are slight visual and behavioural changes across versions.

Lawsuit of Unnamed Ghouls

Just a few months ago, four former Nameless Ghouls filed a complaint against Forge for unpaid pay totalling $22,000. According to Söderberg, the four ghouls are:

Real Name

Stage Names


Joining Year

Simon Söderberg

Alpha, Stompy, Dewdrop


since 2010

Mauro Rubino

Air, Cumulus


since 2011

Henrik Palm



since 2015

Martin Hjertstedt

Earth, Mountain


since 2014

The total number of Nameless Ghouls identified now stands at five. Martin Persner, the band’s former guitarist, was the first to publicly announce his resignation, stating that he had left in July 2016 and would now focus on his band Magna Carta Cartel.

Although Söderberg’s Ghost message on Facebook isn’t publicly accessible, a friend of the guitarist was able to capture the content.

Former bandmates have reportedly filed a lawsuit against Ghost leader Papa Emeritus (Tobias Forge). According to a source, four of Ghost’s former ghouls are attempting to extort $22,000 from Forge.

There have been rumours of Ghost lineup changes over the whole of 2017.

Forge’s partnership agreement with Ghost stated that he would be in charge of both the band’s administration and the “company’s operations,” according to Corren. Because this is allegedly Forge’s responsibility, he is being held responsible for allegedly unpaid salary to four Ghost members between 2011 and 2016.

Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal

The Ghost band includes Dewdrop Ghoul. He has been an important player of the team since 2010. He pretends to be a lead guitarist.

The face of Dewdrop Ghoul was unusually exposed. The Swedish band exposed their identities when they recorded a statement against frontman Tobias Forge.

Dewdrop Simon Theft was discovered to be Ghoul, commonly known as fireplace or alpha. His actual age is still unknown.

Air is Mauro Rubino, Ether is Henrik Palm, and Earth is Martin Hjertstedt, according to him.

People are really interested and may be observed occasionally endorsing one another’s music. Sara Matak, whom Dewdrop refers to as Moshi, is his girlfriend.

Face Reveal: Omega/Quintessence

Martin Persner, the band’s former guitarist, was the first to publicly announce his departure, stating that he had left the group in July 2016 and would now focus on his band Magna Carta Cartel.

Dewdrop Ghoul Face Reveal

Martin Persner, the musician in question, claims to have been a member of the band for seven years. “Hi, my name is Martin, and I’ve been a member of the rock band Ghost for seven years,” Persner says in the video above. Some of you may know me as Omega, Quintessence, a Nameless Ghoul, or just an f—king a—hole. As some of you may have noticed, I’ve been out of Ghost since July of last year — 2016.”



1. When did the band stop performing?

Ghost will be taking a hiatus from touring in 2020, according to Tobias.

2. Do you think Ghost is a Swedish band?

Ghost is, in fact, a Swedish band.

3. What was Ghost’s previous name in the United States?

In the United States, Ghost was once known as Ghost B.C.

4. What year did the Swedish band Ghost form?

Ghost is a Swedish band that was founded in 2006.

5. When did the band Ghost release Elizabeth?

They released a 7-inch record named “Elizabeth” in 2010.

6. When did Ghost’s album Prequelle come out?

Prequelle, the band’s fourth studio album, was released in 2018.

7. When is Ghost’s Fifth Album Coming Out?


Impera, the band’s fifth studio album, is slated to be released in 2022.

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