Harnessing Creative Energies When You Need Them


Do you consider yourself a creative individual? Do you experience creative blocks from time to time? Creativity exists in many different forms. From poetry to fiction to workplace innovation. The philosophy, however, remains the same. To do something that cuts through the noise and breaks the clutter. Something original and unlike anything else. Something that offers a memorable experience, like when you contact Spectrum call center for a service query.

Creatives have a lot of room to grow in various ways today. From becoming artists to devising brand strategies, creativity is valuable in almost any situation. However, you still need to be able to harness it if you’re planning on achieving better results. Here’s how to nurture and leverage your creativity

Give Yourself a Creative Space

Giving yourself the space to exercise your creativity is a very important first step to harnessing it. Artists have studios, writers have studies, and musicians have jam rooms. The idea is to have a place that your mind can associate with creativity. You will be surprised at how easily you can condition your mind to release those creative juices. And having your own space allows you to exercise and improve your creativity consistently.

Remove Distractions

Distractions can and do eat into the time you have to be productive. They can interfere with your creative process, making it harder for you to do whatever you’re trying to do. Loud music, pets, kids, and even a cluttered desk are all ample distractions. They can direct your energies away from creativity to less fulfilling tasks. When you’re ready to create, be sure to remove as many distractions from your vicinity as possible.

Devote Time to Learning Everyday

Creativity is usually original work. But that doesn’t mean you should solely rely on yourself to accomplish great things. Learning is an important tool that can help broaden your horizons. Therefore, it makes sense to dedicate a part of your day to learn more about your interests. You could read about a new sculpting technique that refines your results. Or you could learn photo editing skills to strengthen your photography portfolio. Creativity and learning go hand in hand, and their boundaries are ultimately up to you.

Be Honest in Your Self-Assessment

We all like to think highly of ourselves sometimes. Other times, we can be unreasonably hard on ourselves too. It can be very hard, to be honest about our own creative abilities. But you’ll have to find a balance between being both your own biggest critic and your own biggest supporter. Creativity flourishes when you know what you are capable of and what your strengths are. You may even identify areas that could do with some improvement.

Immerse Yourself in Diverse Experiences

There is no real value to one-dimensional creativity. The more you revolve around the same themes, the higher the risks of placing unnecessary limits on your creativity. At a certain stage, you may find yourself plateauing. And nobody enjoys that. Exposing yourself to diverse people, cultures, and experiences, however, may stimulate your creativity. It may even help you reach higher levels, or branch out into new areas you may not have known or considered before.

Don’t Try to Force It

At the end of the day, creativity does not always run according to schedule. You may hit mental blocks from time to time. You may even feel discouraged or ready to quit at times like these. But it is very important to remember your well of creativity can be boundless. All you need is the right stimulant to jump-start your creative muscles. A change of scenery, a new group of friends, intellectually stimulating discussions, or even a funky Spotify playlist. All of these are valid stimulants, among many more. Find the right ones and you can coax your creativity out even when it feels like you don’t have any left.


Being creative is not always as glamorous as it sounds. It involves investing a lot of time, energy, and interest into your passions. There are also fears of failure or ridicule and even self-doubt. You may still encounter times when the creativity just doesn’t flow. But you may also find it useful to have ways that amplify your creativity when it is flowing.

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